Metal Poisoning

Very few veterinarians understand that both humans and pets are all under daily poisoning with metals. Heavy metals like mercury and light metals like aluminum are poisoning us every day in vaccines, from environmental pollution in the air and water, and from our foods. Heavy metals are also being sequestered in the long bones of the food animals in our country due to use of leaded fuels in our automobiles. Lead and cadmium are two but there are more.

mercury-vaccineNone of the pet foods or human foods nor even the organic foods are being tested for heavy metals! Even one mercury laden vaccine is capable of gene damage to the egg and sperm and trans generational mercury damage begins. At least the pets do not have the additional poisoning from lethal mercury amalgams (teeth fillings) to contend with. However, their commercially processed foods are higher than anyone could imagine. One of my colleagues used her own money to test and found the levels in commercially processed foods responsible for the poisoning of her own companion animal.

Because of the perfect poisoning by mercury, the anti oxidant systems are ruined, enzymes are corrupted, genes are altered and pathways of detoxification are compromised. Soon, toxins are backing up and recycling in the body and toxic retention sets in, mitochondrial damage and organ failure follow. The loss of the ability to repair DNA comes quickly and what we call “aging”, oxidative damage is actually more a reflection of this “perfect poisoning”.

dog with grey hairHaving your pets  analyzed for metal and mineral analysis is the first step in identification of the problem. Recognizing the sources of poisoning and eliminating them is imperative. Knowing what you can do to prevent or deal with our daily dose of poison is the next step to avoiding the deadly outcome of chronic metal poisoning.

Using a well established laboratory for performing  analysis looking for metal sensitivity is one way to document the problem and to retest for successful resolution of the poisoning following a detoxification and gentle chelation program.

Designing a detoxification and gentle chelation program for your pet is of special interest to me as I have my own chronic mercury poisoning story. I want nothing more than to stop this insidious form of stealing life and vitality and cutting short the long healthy life that the human-animal bond deserves.

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  1. Kathy Cheng says:

    Hi, a roofer we had over, just told us about his 2 1/2 yr old pug who had seizures and died w/in weeks of the Lyme Disease vaccine. I also heard the Lyme Disease discussion on NPR w/ Terry Gross this week. I’ve been reviewing the information and saw your articles. I believe there’s a connection w/ the Lyme Disease vaccine, Blastomycosis Valley Fever among Filipinos in CA agricultural area- “Source of Fungal Infection Outbreak a Mystery, CDC Says” , and similar pneumonia illness with the Hmung people in the article “Blastomycosis Outbreak: Source Of Fungal Infection Cases In Wisconsin Still A Mystery” both articles by Cari Nierenberg, LiveScience, and an allergy to Galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose (or Alpha-Gal for short), Sphingomyelinase- like enzyme in Ixodes scapularis tick saliva, and the Food Enzyme Additive sprayed on Chicken Food Pellets called “Alpha-Galactosidase”. Alpha-Gal seems to be discussed as the enzyme allergen attributed to tick bites and then also an immune response to meats. A lot of coincidences. There are allergic reactions affecting particularly people with a compromised red blood cell type such as Spherocytosis, Ovalocytosis, Elliptocytosis, Sickle Cell Anemia, Thalassemia, Hemachromatosis, etc. Perhaps a disregulation of our ringed sideroblasts from ingestion of excess ferrous sulfates in ours and our pets’ iron-enriched, gluten food supplies and our excess heme meat diets. I’d be interested in your medical background’s opinion on this curious connection. Thank you.

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