Well, well, well, now we have the proof we needed to confirm what disease is all about and how hard those that profit from making disease are so vicious to protect their profits. Yes, we have all been BAMBOOZLED!

Not long ago, I found the link of drug reactions to be the very same critical nutrients depletion that drugs, patent medicines were creating in our bodies. Vaccines are even more a contributor as they introduce heavy metals like mercury and light metals that behave like heavy metals as in aluminum. Also vaccines inject and INFECT our bodies and our genomes with viruses, known and the unknown contamination viruses. Many of the viruses driving disease today were actually INJECTED monkey and other animal viruses  so much blending of man and beast that our genomes are polluted.We need to find a reset button, to search for a return to the Holy Grail, that genome before man’s MANIPULATION through vaccine administration.

Viruses are not dead, they are not “alive” so there is no modifying them alive nor “killing” them. Viruses are simply put, protein sequences that read like a blueprint. When injected into our bodies, they can when the conditions are right “infect and replicate” and that may be sometime down the road like 10 years or more in humans or in our companion animals in much less.

Mercury and other heavy metals are a serious promoter of disease to both the human and the animal bodies. Mercury handicaps for viral expression. What does that mean? It means that where you have mercury…… get more viruses “enabled” to express. Specifically the retroviruses are like that. HIV in humans, FIV and Felv in cats as an example. Also, mercury causes hypomethylation of the DNA and this is a specific handicap for HERPES expression. These toxins like mercury and aluminum are serious dis ease promoters.

I could on and on about the benefits to making disease in the presence of heavy metals especially mercury which is about as perfect a poison that a poison could be. Mercury causes all sorts of additional woes on the anti oxidant systems (Vit C, Vit E redox and glutathione) and the enzymes and the great poisoner of our endocrine systems, disables our detoxification system and enables TOXIN RETENTION that even causes estrogen problems by ruining estrogen metabolism and excretion and even makes one more sensitive to the xenoestrogens in the environment.FDA approved

So, here is the bottom line, even a minuscule amount of mercury damage goes straight to the kidney jing, the DNA and can ruin the generations to come with gene alterations, mutations, changes not for the better. Mercury damage goes than transgenerational and gets worse with each exposure. Now we have women dying earlier than ever before and with higher than ever mercury levels. Mercury is in the vaccines they are pushing for pregnant women! Mercury is also in the mouth of most of this generation of people in our country and mercury amalgam poisoning is an “obstacle to cure” no matter what modality you are pursuing for health.

Now we know that optimal organic real whole food diets grown on biodynamically cultivated soils that are not nutrient depleted provide the mechanism to offset the disease caused by patent drugs and vaccinations. However, not the human or the animal doctors are taught proper nutrition for their patients and so that answer to FDA approved poisoning is out the door.

vaccine-216x300Another secret is that the role of these optimal nutrition whole foods are in fact natural chelators and the very reason disease can be offset substantially by diet alone.

Did you know that vaccines deplete Vit C? Or that Vit C is a chelator and an anti-histamine?

Vit C IV chelation has cured many chronic disease states, there is even a book out there titled BYPASS the BYPASS about the very subject of avoiding expensive and dangerous cardiovascular surgery by having instead IV Vit C chelation.  Vit C IV chelation can even treat cancer……so is that why the FDA recently tried to remove Vit C for intravenous use from the market? Is this why many doctors are harassed and their licenses threatened for providing IV Vit C chelation therapy?

In another book, Nutrition Health & Disease, Dr. Gary Price Todd seems to think so. Read all about it and this will really spike your alert system if it isn’t already dead from the vaccination and drugging we receive, FDA approved and professionally implemented.

The evidence is clear that we do not need the patent drugs or biologicals in order to have health. As a matter of fact the more one partakes in the misery of those that practice under the Staff of Hermes (AMA Caduceus) the less healthy they are likely to be. The reason you are not taught proper nutrition and don’t have easy access to optimal nutrition is that you would then have a very long life and make plenty of withdrawals of your SOCIAL SECURITY FUND which by the way is exactly what the US Government takes to invest in the pharmaceutical industry and support the whole charade! If the information on the PHS website is correct, the main financial scaffolding for the drug industry is none other than…..Uncle Sam. But, you need to know that good old Uncle Sam wants you to slave at work and make plenty of deposits into the fund for their addiction but not to live long enough to make many if any withdrawals. Makes SOCIAL SECURITY sound like an oxymoron doesn’t it?

In my book, MARK OF THE BEAST HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT, I talk about the power of the pen and the courage Calvin Coolidge displayed when he thwarted earlier attempts at those who sought to put total power over health into the hands of our US Government then. Coolidge vetoed the attempts to make the head medical doctor in the US a military man. Coolidge warned that the FREEDOM for Health Care was as important as FREEDOM of Religion! You will also see in my book, the quest for finding “a few good men” like Calvin Coolidge right now to save us from the unholy matrimony of government power and the drug industry’s very deep pockets.

We need the freedom to make our own choices in health care. Those of us whom recognize this need to be able to remove the poisons.

Bottom line; GET THE LEAD OUT and do this before you lose your organs ability to detox (esp kidney and liver) and before you lose your antioxidant systems, before toxin retention destroys your ability to detox. Get the mercury amalgams out of your mouth and detox the dangerous toxins we are being injected with and fed and breathe in every single day.

Who wouda thunk it?  The “doctoring” being done by now the minions pandering for BIG HARMA was a step into the DEATH BY MEDICINE machine? Well, more and more doctors are catching on, listen for the radio interview I am doing with Dr. Jennifer Daniels (M.D.) and author of LETHAL DOSE and why they want you to have it. Seems like many dedicated truth searchers are finding the same thing as the source of our dis ease state. For some it was in the last place they thought to look, for others it was the face in the mirror they saw every day. We have all…………………………been BAMBOOZLED.

Time for all of us to become proactive and take back our individual rights, our power of attorney and to stop being medicated into death and disease all for the profits of the supporters of Hermes, “the Divine Deceiver” who is the god of the underground, of liars, thieves, of pharmaceuticals…….and of commerce. Now we know!

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