Sweden doesn’t repeat unsafe and unnecessary vaccines to pets!

While I was in Sweden getting my mercury poisoning taken care of I went looking and interviewing pet owners in Sweden about their veterinary experiences. I was surprised to see the dogs, even large dogs travel with their owners on all forms of the mass transit system.

On the metro I sat next to Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Weimeraners, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers really many more large dogs than small. The dogs were all so well behaved, no signs of behavioral or mental issues,no compulsive obsessive disorders, no aggressive tendencies and no…..obvious signs of cancers, chronic disease like we see everywhere in the US. Sweden dogwalker times 8

The pet parents were quite SHOCKED when I asked them about getting annual vaccines for their dogs. They first were puzzled as they reported to me that they did not take their pets back to the vet for yearly vaccines, they had puppy shots and were done. The SHOCK came when they asked me why would the vets in the US send postcards every year to come get shots for the dogs? Since there is no other reason other than the one that Dr. Ron Schultz gave in 1978, which was “to entice the client to come to the vet with their pet every year”.  They were SHOCKED because that is not what a doctor is supposed to be doing, soliciting with postcards for unsafe and unnecessary vaccines in order to generate revenue. 

The Swedes love their families, their children and even the ones with fur. The love showed up in the pets living long lives in happy human animal bond relationships. These pets live longer and in more health because they are NOT vaccinated into disease. Disease like cancer, autoimmune disease, allergies, asthma, atopy, anaphylaxis and eczema. Metal poisoning wasn’t taking place here.

Yep, the Swedes love their pets and obviously the veterinarians are also more into protecting pets than they are in generating revenue with unnecessary vaccinations. Here is a picture of a veterinary clinic on the corner and I will have to admit…….they were not very busy. The veterinary bills are low in Sweden because apparently, when the animals are not vaccinated into disease, they live much healthier lives!Sweden Stockholm Veterinary Clinic

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  1. Our dog only had her puppy vaccines and her rabies is the only one we ever go to the vet for beyond that she hasn’t had additional vaccines because there really is no point other then to stuff my hard earn money in a vets pocket

    • I would say that if there is a causal efcfet of IQ -> disease, then improving health care will result in a lowered average IQ. The smarter people are preventing themselves from getting sick. If you ensure that those that get sick survive more then you are removing the selection against them and enabling the less intelligent people to survive.yes one could logically argue that disease -> IQ (but remember you don’t study for an IQ test) but the notion that IQ is important to survival is unpalatable to society, (because of the social implications) yet we reward better performing workers with higher salaries.IQ has to be one of the most important measures of fitness we have even if it is can never be an exact measurement. What is important is that statistically it is unshakable.

  2. Wish the vets loved the dogs enough to refuse to vaccinate at all in the first place. 🙁

  3. Right you are Jeannie, when we finally embrace what vaccines are- un natural manipulations of the immune system with no guarantee then many more will just say no. When the fear mongering stops, when the full scope of what vaccines really do to your body is known then the vaccines will not mean profits and the process will stop. Right now though there are plenty still advocating for the vaccines against lethal viruses. Vaccines aren’t the guarantee they think they are.

  4. Interesting article. Of all countries, I’ve found Sweden the most difficult to get around what I consider to be unnecessary and damaging vaccines. Maybe for pet-only dogs there are ways, but the SKK (Swedish version of AKC) requires distemper shots for any dog competing in performance events. Titers from natural immunity mean squat, even after going all the way up the ladder in hopes to find someone with a “clue” on why a dog I bred was as protected as he was ever going to be against distemper. No vaccine…no competition…end of story! The result is now a case of distemper vaccinosis that is not responding to treatment. Soooo frustrating.

    • Can’t say about the other end of this, just what I found evident in my personal walk up to them and ask about what they were doing with their pet dogs inside the country of Sweden. I know they know mercury is poison and have outlawed the amalgams. I know they don’t use as many vaccines for the people and are reeling right now from even pushed the swine flu vaccine for their citizens with all the neurological disease with narcolepsy now happening. They will have to compensate their citizens for taking the vaccine they recommended. Much more of that and they will have to stop…..recommending vaccines. When this awakening happens in people perhaps the animals will then benefit.
      Dr. Jordan

  5. I want to move to Sweden. Agonizing over my need to vaccinate my little guy. His Titer is .6. But the law is knocking at my door. This country is backwards.
    I am so upset I don’t know what to do.

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