To Stockholm Sweden and Back Again!

Ok, wow it has been a rough 3 months but it appears that even at my age and level of heavy metal damage with the help of family and friends and God’s grace, it wasn’t too late to survive heavy metal poisoning! Thanks to my brother Dan, I was able to travel all the way to Stockholm, Sweden to have my heavy metal amalgams removed ! I had to stay a week and be prepped for the concurrent therapies it would take to ensure the safe removal of the amalgams. Here in Sweden where the use of mercury in amalgams has been outlawed due to its toxicity, they know the dangers of getting the serious neuro toxin out.

I was to receive an IV of Vitamin C to chelate the heavy metals from my bloodstream and to protect my kidneys which were already being harmed by the mercury leaching out of my  amalgams.IV vitamin C

I have now been educated in more mercury toxicity details that I ever thought my mercury muddled mind could even handle. After having the mercury tri-speciation testing done at Quicksilver Labs in Colorado, I found out that my mercury poisoning was coming from two places; vaccinations and amalgams. I am not a fish eater and the organic mercury was not a part of my poisoning.

There was clear link to the heavy metal thimerasol coming from vaccinations and yes, I was heavily vaccinated not only as a child of an armed forces soldier  but then later as a veterinarian with rabies vaccines! My father also has vaccine damage not only from vaccines given to soldiers but specifically suffered endocrine poisoning from the rabies vaccination series. Mercury is an exceptionally potent endocrine system poison not only a neurotoxin. Mercury is the root cause of most of the diseases we are dealing with today. If you have been vaccinated and or have mercury fillings in your teeth, than you have been poisoned.FDA approved

I had the MELISA test done on incubated lymphocytes and this too showed the thimerasol sensitivity. My dentist on this side of the pond showed me the pictures of the mercury amalgam or “fillings” leaching out inorganic mercury so I had all the confirmation you could ask for to show heavy metal poisoning.  I even had gene testing done and identified some gene alterations, mutations from the heavy metal exposure and lucky me, I had one of the worst, the gene alterations that affected my ability to detox poisons.

In Sweden, I received not only the IV Vit C chelation during the day long process of drilling out 18 mercury fillings, I also received one of Sweden’s finest exports, ABSOLUTE, taken every two hours by mouth through the procedure in order to protect my brain from mercury redistribution  as the mercury was drilled out  and vaporization took place. You could not have had these precautions done in the US and the cost for just removing the heavy metal poison was 1/16th the cost estimated if preformed  in the US.

Sweden's best export

Sweden’s best export

Sweden also understands the importance of getting the whole procedure done at once and not piece meal the extractions over the immune system cycle , exposing the body to multiple insults risking allergic or sensitivity reactions. I was the only patient the entire day and the procedure took over 7 hours. Since the dental anesthesia is also very dangerous, they prefer not to administer it, so lucky me experienced having the mercury drilled without anesthesia. The dentist was so great the whole day procedure ended in success.

The next 48 hours was a continued detox/chelation event and then I had to be rested enough to make it back to the US and continue by heavy metal clearance over here over the next 6 months. Currently, I am at the 1/3 mark of the detox procedure and can’t believe the changes so far. I also submitted samples to check for more of the gene damage and hope I find that can be repaired.

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