Honesty in Medicine the ABC 20 20 report

There has been an uproar from the veterinary medical profession over the ABC News 2020 report on Honesty in the Veterinary Profession. The righteous organizations that advertise vaccinations and promote vaccinations and teach veterinarians how to market vaccines wouldn’t take this report lying down. In came the AVMA to also diss the report and turn the tables on the veterinarian whom started this expose .But hey, this doctor hadn’t been the first to report on the missing virtue of honesty from veterinary medicine.distemper-shot_780

Mathew Watkinson after 8 years of practicing medicine as a veterinary surgeon in the UK left the profession altogether because he was so disgusted at the money making practices used in the profession. Mathew then authored a book titled Why I am Ashamed to be a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon Graduate.



Both Mathew Watkinson and Andrew Jones- the source of the information on the ABC 2020 report both were sickened by the “upsell” in veterinary medicine and the lack of honesty to the clients.docs with cash in hand

Interestingly enough, neither the Watkinson book, nor Andrew Jones’ early information ever mentioned vaccines. Lots and lots of revenue marketing unnecessary vaccinations to the veterinary clients has been labelled unethical practice by the likes of Dr. Alice Wolf of Texas A&M and Bernard Rollins Veterinary Medical Ethics Professor. As early as 1978 leading veterinary vaccine researchers and immunologists have been warning the veterinarians not to repeat vaccines. The lethal virus vaccines were good for the entire life of the pet.

Now that more and more people know about the unnecessary vaccine bandwagon it appears Andrew Jones is adding this to his exposure of the lack of honesty in the Veterinary Profession.

In a recent Veterinary Practice News article, Dr. Patty Khuly of Miami Florida has highlighted the information that despite having plenty of “scientific evidence” that vaccinations should not be repeated, that still the majority of the veterinarians continue to vaccinate yearly. This is unethical practice and worse, it is driving the clients companion animals into states of disease from the dysregulated immune system that results from the unnecessary vaccines.  I consider it criminal action to then extort money from the veterinary client for drugs and such to treat the vaccine induced diseases vaccines create….essentially the entire branch of medicine we know of as “internal medicine”records

Dogs Naturally a popular national publication about natural care for dogs has also taken on this issue of over vaccination and found unsurprisingly that the majority of veterinarians are overselling vaccines, harming the pets in return for generating very lucrative pay outs.


The issue of honesty in veterinary medicine is then a real questions for the public to ponder and perhaps they shouldn’t have the honor and be in trust with the care of their companion animals.

See the video exposure of this same topic of Honesty in Veterinary Medicine with the youtube video titled The Completely Honest Veterinarian.  It really is no laughing matter even if it delivers six figure salaries to thousands of veterinarians for essentially poisoning the animals. Who is tracking these vaccines induced diseases? Why Banfield Hospitals certainly are. They track the top reasons animals are brought to the vet and the list is always the most common cases of “vaccinosis”. We were warned that corporations who would not want to lose their profits for marketing unnecessary vaccines would be unlikely to stop unsafe vaccination protocols. Banfield Hospitals are but one corporation with hundreds of six figure salaries for veterinarians paid lucratively for “selling vaccines and stuff”.

Which is why another book, You can Trust me because I am NOT a vet, by Jim Schwartz might be the book everyone needs to read before they take their beloved pets for that next set of postcard shots…..

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