If you loved me You would Kill me……a story about mercury madness

Understand this: There is no safe level of mercury in the body. The most minuscule amount of mercury causes severe cellular damage, including to your DNA…………………..

Our medical schools still do not teach much about mercury toxicity (if anything) beyond “standard textbook information”, which is extremely limited and incomplete.  Some of is downright wrong.

Most everyone now knows that fish is mercury toxic and harmful. Most people are now aware that pharmaceutical companies put mercury (thimerosol) as well as aluminum in vaccinations and flu shots, although I don’t think most people realize just how much.  More and more are realizing amalgam fillings can poison you. President Obama recently stated that our #1 environmental threat today is mercury. Knowledge about mercury is now gaining recognition in our country.the evil vaccine

Scientific studies that clearly demonstrates that amalgam fillings do “leach” mercury vapor and gets stored in the body, causing cellular damage, many other countries have banned the use of amalgam fillings.  But in our country, it is actually illegal for dentists to even warn patients about the risk of getting mercury poisoned from amalgam fillings.  Many have gotten their license permanently revoked in doing so. Nonetheless, dentists have progressed and many more now do understand.  Due to this risk, most dentists do not mention the danger involved with amalgam fillings to their patients and simply choose to no longer use amalgam fillings in their practices.  Many more seem to be growing in their anti-amalgam practices… more in the new century than in the 90’s

mercury amalgams

mercury amalgams

Here is a book that discusses how and why our political system (the ADA, EPA and FDA) is responsible for the “intentional cover” up about the dangers involved with amalgam fillings . Of course there is much poisoning from the pharmaceutical industry with drugs and biologicals (vaccines) that contain mercury as well.I personally feel that the mercury scandal taking place in our country may be as bad or worse than the past health conspiracies in the tobacco industry. The risks from amalgam dental fillings, vaccinations and contaminated fish have been shamefully covered up. I refer you to DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions) non-profit organization (www.amalgam.org) and other educational resources.

Those who have gradually become more mercury toxic for many years may suddenly become severely symptomatic because they’ve finally reached their “toxin body burden level” or because their amalgam fillings corroded, shifted slightly or cracked because they are older now…and they begin to leak even more methyl mercury vapor – the most toxic form of mercury by 100 times!

When it comes to being mercury toxic, there is no drug or surgery that can fix you. You need to see where the poisons are coming from and take active steps to engage in your own survival.

In my country I believe that most people are not aware just how toxic they can become from these sources of exposure and just how harmful mercury is. And, as my story reveals, too many doctors don’t recognize it or treat it appropriately when they do.


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