Ask a Natural Vet

I understand it can be difficult to locate a properly trained veterinarian who can answer questions regarding natural medicine. I have been through numerous training programs for certified veterinarians; Basic and Professional Courses in Veterinary Homeopathy with Dr. Richard Pitcairn’s ANHC (Animal Natural Health Center) educational center- and the TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) program at Chi Institute in conjunction with South China Agricultural University Master’s program.

7 pet chakrasDr. Xie’s Jing-tang Herbal with herbal formulas for the pets at as well as Dr. Pedro Luis Rivera’s Healing Oasis Wellness Center for spinal manipulation and advanced neurology training, In addition I’ve received Animal Reiki training with Kathleen Prasad at Animal Reiki Source,

dog smelling dandelionA few more to mention are Veterinary N.A.E.T, Pulse Therapy, and Eclectic Medicine and, of course, naturopathic medicine for animals, of which I have a second Doctorate. Because of my commitment to natural animal health, I’ve made myself available for consultations to help you and your pet in a variety of different areas; natural rearing of pets, natural medicine alternatives, parasite/flea/tick herbal remedies, behavioral issues, integrative cancer therapies, and especially the foundation of good health which is nutrition. More information is available on my Consultation Page, where you can read descriptions of consultations, and you can also schedule an appointment by phone, webinar, or in person if you live in the Asheville, North Carolina area.

I can help you negotiate the many roads to healing and returning to natural wellness, or to start you off on the natural path from the beginning of your pets life!