Dr. Patricia Jordan – Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae
Patricia  Jordan, DVM

NC Col of Vet Med Picture of PJ smDr. Patricia Monahan Jordan has been a member of the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) for the past 25 years and a practicing veterinarian for the past 25 years. Dr. Jordan established four different veterinary facilities, originating six new veterinary facilities, certified by the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board. Dr. Jordan has been on the front line of examining the effects of the veterinary vaccine protocols in the United States; she has been licensed in over a dozen states and has visited practices in over 13 states to observe firsthand the effects of the current vaccine protocols.

  • Graduated from the North Carolina College of Veterinary Medicine with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine

CVM Ranked Among Best in U.S.
U.S. News & World Report continues to list the College of Veterinary Medicine among the top five of the nation’s 28 colleges of veterinary medicine.

  • Graduated from North Carolina State University in l982 Magna Cum Laude B.S. Microbiology Completed Honors Program in Medical Microbiology.
  • Graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a B.S. in Medical Technology Dean’s List Premed
  • Externship at the University of Berne, Berne Switzerland Large Animal Medicine and Surgery
  • Externship at the New Bolton Center University of Pennsylvania Equine Medicine and Surgery
  • Research Scientist for the NIEHS (National Institute of Environmental and health Sciences) under Dr. John McGlaughlin in Toxicology
  • Nominated for the 1986 Pubic Health Epidemiology Award for the NC College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Certified in Veterinary Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine & Herbology, Tui Na and a student of the Chi Institute in Reddick, Florida under Dr. Huisheng Xie and South China University of Agriculture, currently finishing the Master’s Program in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.
  • Doctorate in Veterinary Naturopathy 12/02/2009 Kingdom College 96 CE Hours GPA 4.0 Summa Cum Laude
  • Adjunct Professor for Kingdom College of Natural Health 03/11/10

Continuing Education for 2012

  • Botanical Families in Homeopathy with Dr. Will Taylor sponsored by WHN
  • Shoden Reiki I,II, III with Franz Steine with Chattanooga Reiki-Margaret Dexter

Continuing Education for 2011

  • 01/17/2011 ServSafe Certification score of 96% in Food Safety including Food Borne Illnesses
  • 01/31/2011 Water Sanitation Course at CCCC Making Drinking Water Safe
  • 05/06/2011 Annual AVH Conference Bethesda, MD 22.0 CE hours
  • 05/14/2011 Contemporary Topics in Homeopathy, Asheville, NC Chiropractic CE 18.5 hrs
  • 11/4-6/2011 TCVM Fall Conference Neurology at Chi Institute 21 CE hours

Continuing Education for 2010

  • 1.0 CE Standard Process Webinar on Musculoskeletal System Dr. Tom Cameron 01/07/10
  • 2.0 CE East-west Seminars with Darren Starr Treating the Root of Pain with Energy Medicine Jan 27
  • 15.0 CE Virology 101 University of Columbia Professor Vincent Racaniello start 01/20/10-05/10/10
  • 15.0 CE Cape Carteret Community College Integrated Chinese with Simplified Characters Instructor Katie
  • McNaw start 01/25/10-03/17/10
  • 1.0 CE How to Study the Materia Medica Kim Elia Whole Health Now Constantine Herring and Carroll Dunham
  • 1.0 CE Non-NSAID approaches to Osteoarthritis Dr. Gaynor 02/10/2010
  • 1.0 CE Immune Support Standard Process Dr. Tom Cameron 02/11/10
  • 1.0 CE Protomorphogens Standard Process with Dr. Tom Cameron 03/06/10
  • 20.0 CE hours attending Dr. Richard Pitcairn’s Advanced Meeting in Professional Homeopathy Saguaro Ranch, Arizona March 3-6,2010 Topics on Nutrition and Working up Chronic Cases
  • 1.0 CE WHN Sponsored Acute Remedy versus Acute for Chronic cases prescribing with Shroyens 03/13/10
  • 1.0 CE Reiki in Wildlife with Kathleen Prasad and Animal Reiki 03/17/10
  • 1.0 CE Canine Dermal Support SP Dr. Tom Cameron 03/18/10.
  • 1.0 CE Veterinary Formulas for Hepatic Support Discussion SP Dr. Tom Cameron 04/01/10
  • 6.0 CE 5th Combined American Homeopathic Meeting April Alexandria, VA 04/05/10-04/06/10
  • 1.0 CE Adrenals and Restoring Health Donna DiMarco Biotics Webinar 04/14/10
  • 1.0 CE WHN George Dimitriadis of Australia founder of Hahnemann’s Institute of Homeopathy in Sydney Australia speaking on Boenninghausen Repertories 04/26/10 Teleconference
  • 1.0 CE Food as Medicine Spring Cleaning Detoxification Dee RN, 04/28/10 CCC
  • 6.5 CE Anatomy, Physiology and Principles of Female Health, Enhancing Therapeutic Results Donna DiMarco, D.O.M. NLCN May 1, 2020 Charlotte, NC
  • 1.0 CE FEMA May 2, 2010 The Community’s Role in Preparing and Planning for Animals Tracey Stephens Martin, University of Cal Davis International Animal Welfare Training Institute (Part 1)
  • 1.0 CE FEMA Tools and resources from USDA and Animal and Plant Health Inspector Services (APHIS) Dr. Allan Hogue, USDA and APHIS (Part 2) 05/02/10
  • 1.0 CE Emerging Role of Herbal Medicine in Health Care Gerard Mullin, MD and James Snow RH (AHG) Tai Sophia Institute 05/02/10
  • 1.0 CE Biotics Wellness Webinars Bio-Detoxification with Dennis McInerney 05/05/2010
  • 20.0 CE LIGA Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalia/AVH Conference 05/18-22/2010 Redondo Bch
  • 16.0 CE Medicines From The Earth Conference Black Mt, NC Herbal Conference 06/05-06/07/2010
  • 1.0 CE Food Energetics Herbsmithinc.com with Dr.Chris Bessent 06/17/10
  • 8.0 CE Foundations of Classical Homeopathy from Academy of Classical Homeopathy06/15/22/29/2010
  • 1.0 CE Lyme talk with Geoff D’Arcy of Herbals for Pets 06/16/2010
  • 1.0 CE NOW University Colon Health with Marcia Zimmerman 06/21/10
  • 1.0 CE Integrative Practitioner Prostate BPH and Prostate Cancer Mirko Beljianski 06/24/10
  • 1.0 CE Mark Blumenthal What’s New in Herbal Medicine with Europharma 06/29/10
  • 1.0 CE Overview of Protomorphogens with Dr. Tom Cameron of Standard Process 07/08/1
  • 1.0 CE Macca the plant with healing properties from Peru Chris Kellum europharma 07/28/10
  • 1.0 CE Heavy Metal Detoxification 07/29/10
  • 1.0 CE Allergies in Pets treatment with TCVM with Dr. Chris Bessent of Herb smith 08/05/10
  • 1.0 CE Inflammation and Disease 08/05/10
  • 1.0 CE Standard Process Webinar on Intestinal Microbiota and Fiber Account 09/15/2010
  • 1.0 CE Biotics Injuries Inflammation and Pain Relief Trace Mineral Connection Wally Schmidt Neurologist
  • 1.0 CE Spectra Laboratories Nutrition Considerations for Skin Disorders 8 pm 09/16/2010
  • 1.0 CE Stress and Anxiety Lecture by Integrative Medicine Practitioner 09/18/2010
  • 1.0 CE Standard Process EFA’s in Joint Problems 09/30/2010 12-1:00 EST Webinar
  • 1.0 CE Institute of Functional Medicine Functional Nutrition Nutrogenomics 09/22.
  • 1.0 CE Dr. Susan Wynn and Nutrition for Small Animals 09/24
  • 1.0 CE Keri Marshall for GAIA Key Considerations when selecting Botanical Medicines for patients10/21/2010 sponsored by the Integrative Medicine Practitioners webinars
  • 1.0 CE Integrating Functional Nutrition into your practice by the Institute of Functional Medicine 10-12-2010 Elizabeth W. Bonham MD, MS PhD
  • 2.0 CE Mark Blumenthal Climate and Environmental Change and Effects on Medicinal Herbs 11/14
  • 1.0 CE Curcumin and Its Effects in Treating Cancer Patients Baylor Medical University
  • 1.0 CE Nutrition for Eye Health Diane E. Alexander 11/14/10
  • 6.5 CE EIGTH ANNUAL ONE MEDICINE Reality Bites Conference Durham, NC Approved CE 12/8/2010

Continuing Education for 2009

  • 0.0 CE Part 2 Controlling Pain with Micro light Stimulation and Jake Fratkin, OMD 12/15/09
  • 1.0 CE Standard Process Dr. Tom Cameron Whole Body Support Formulas 12/10/09
  • 2.0 CE Bayer Sponsored Webinar on MRSA with Dr. Aucoin 12/09
  • 1.0 CE Lyme Disease Advanced and Integrative Concepts John D Pittman, MD CCIM Raleigh, NC 12/08
  • 1.0 CE Standard Process webinar on Veterinary Products 12/08 with Dr. Tom Cameron
  • 1.0 CE Standard Process webinar on Veterinary Cardiac Support Products 12/03 Dr. Tom Cameron
  • 96.0 CE Honorarium of Doctorate of Veterinary Naturopathy Kingdom College 12/02/09
  • 1.0 CE Standard Process webinar on the Adrenal Support with Dr. Tom Cameron 11/19
  • 1.0 CE Hormonal impact on life stages Biotics DiMarco 11/18
  • 1.0 CE Pain and the Use of TCM and Micro current and Light Machines Jake Fratkin, OMD 11/17
  • 1.0 CE The GUT and Neuropsyche NOW (Nutritional Optimal Wellness) University 11/16
  • 1.0 CE Cardiovascular Disease Part 2 Biotics, 11/11, Dr. Walter Schmidt
  • 1.0 CE Thyroid Disease Nutritional Supplementation, 11/5 Standard Process Dr. Tom Cameron
  • 1.0 CE The Immune System Simplifying Complex Concepts, 11/4, Dr. Walter Schmidt Biotics
  • 1.0 CE Herbal Medicine for Cold and Flu Season Instructor Stephanie Hein CH, November 02, 2009 Unity Christ Church, Wilmington, NC
  • 1.0 CE Renal Support Standard Process Webinar October 29, 2009
  • 1.0 CE Hour Using Blood Chemistry to Manage Sugar Handling Issues by Donna DiMarco, LNC sponsored by BIOTICS {dysglycemia} October 22, 2009
  • 20.0 CE Hours of Craniosacral training at Terrapin Horse Center, Swansboro, NC with instructor ; Tracy Vroom EBW, CST October 2-6, 2009
  • 20.0 CE Hours 2009 Appalachian Mountain Veterinary Conference Aug 6-9/The Homestead/Hot Springs, VA Dr. Brian Gilger/Dr. Michael Lappin
  • 21.0 CE Hours 9th International Herbal Symposium at Wheaton College, Norton MA June 19-21
  • 7.5 CE Hours Medicines from the Earth Herb Symposium (Friday, May 29 through Monday, June 1, 2009) Black Mountain, NC
  • 1.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit The John Hopkins University School of Medicine in joint sponsorship with the National Institutes of Health March 10, 2009 Stephen E. Straus Distinguished Lecture in the Science of CAM, Chinese Medicine, Western Science and Acupuncture by Sherwin B. Nuland, M.D. Clinical Professor of Surgery, Yale School of Medicine
  • CE Hours The Healing Power of Sound with Kerrie Grant Effect of Pure Tone on the body and central nervous system, healing discovery of the inner voice March 14, 2009 1-4PM Seaside Yoga 5725 Oleander Dr. Wilmington, NC (910) 792-9303

Continuing Education for 2008

  • 17.5 CE AVH Conference in Santa Fe, NM Nov 13-16th, 2008
  • 24 CE AHVMA 2008 Conference held in Reno, NV
  • 1.5 CE Hours: Feline Calicivirus by Dr. Edward Wakem South Shore Veterinary Medical Association, Raynham, MA Fort Dodge 09/03/08
  • 5.0 CE hours: Nestle Symposium on Companion Animal Medicine Speakers (Stanley Marks, Margie Scherk, David C. Twedt, Deb Zoran) Quincy, MA by ADVANSTAR HEALTH CARE 08/03/08
  • 1.0 CE Hour: Massachusetts Rabies Protocol Update Angell Animal Medical Centers Boston, MA 07/22/08
  • 1.5 CE Hours: Canine Leptospirosis, Dr. Richard Goldstein, South Shore Veterinary Medical Association Marlborough, MA 07/24/08
  • 2.0 CE Hours: Endocrinology update for Practitioners by Peter Kintzer, DACVIM, Swansea, MA 06/12/08 sponsored by Ocean State Specialists
  • 13.0 CE Hours Homotoxicology Seminar, AHVMA, Denver, Colorado 06/6-8/08
  • 10 CE Hours: Advanced Course in Veterinary Homeopathy, ANHC Education Programs Santa Fe, NM 05/8-11/08
  • 2.0 OLCE Hours: Heartworm Infection in Cats-New Information, IDEXX 04/28/08
  • 2.0 OLCE Hours: Tick Borne Diseases 101 Course IDEXX, 04/28/08
  • 5.0 CE Hours: Ophthalmic, Liver, Seizure, Abd Ultrasound, VCA ANTECH Baintree, MA 04/27/08
  • 1.0 CE hours: What Every Veterinarian Needs to know About Canine and Feline Vaccines and Vaccination Programs with an Emphasis on Recombinant Vaccines, Dr. Ronald D. Schultz, Warwick, RI sponsored by Merial 04/16/08
  • 6.0 CE Hours: 3rd Joint American Homeopathy Conference sponsored by the National Center for Homeopathy, Warwick RI 04/11-15/08
  • 2.0 CE Hours Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association approved, Canine Lyme Disease-Diagnosis, Treatment & Prevention, Steven A. Levy, VMD, Marlborough, MA sponsored by Fort Dodge 04/10/08
  • 14.0 CE hours; New England School of Acupuncture, Five Element Constitutional Diagnosis by Lonny Jarrett, LicAc, Newton, MA, 03/29-30/08
  • 1.5 CE hours: Fluid Therapy-Clinical Overview and Update, Justine A. Johnson of Ocean State Veterinary Specialists, Swansea, MA 02/20/08
  • 10 CE hours: Advanced Course in Veterinary Homeopathy, Sedona, AZ ANHC Education Programs, 01/31/08-02/03/08
  • 24.5 CE Hours: Integrative Health Care Symposium, NY Marriott, New York, NY, 01/17-19/08

Continuing Education for 2007

  • 10 CE hours: Advanced Course in Veterinary Homeopathy, ANHC Education Programs, Philadelphia, PA 011/12-15/08
  • 22 CE Hours; Annual Conference and Meeting Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy, Philadelphia, PA 11/09-11/08
  • 25 CE Hours; 2007 AHVMA Annual Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Speakers Dr. Jean Dodd on The New Veterinary Vaccine Protocols; Failure to Incorporate them Ignorance or Something Else? 10/6-9/07
  • 23 CE Hours RACE and AVCA: 6th Annual Continuing Education Meeting National University of Health Sciences, Lombard, IL Healing Oasis 09/27-30/07
  • 10 CE Hours; Advanced Course in Veterinary Homeopathy, ANHC Education Programs, Eugene, Oregon 08/02-05/07
  • 24 CE Hours: 8th International Herb Symposium, sponsored by Clayton College of Natural Health, Wheaton College, Massachusetts, 06/22-24/07
  • 2.0 CE Hours: Everything You Need to Know about Canine Vaccines, Dr. Ronald Schultz, sponsored by Cavaliers of the Northeast, Danbury, CT 06/15/07
  • 3.0 CE hours: Crystal Energy Healing, Initiation and Training, Cape Cod, MA 05/26/07
  • 8.0 CE Hours; Sacred Stone Institute, Cranial Sacral Therapy Biodynamic Approach, Michael Dunning, Faculty Middletown, RI 04/5-6/07
  • 4.0 CE Hours; Feng Shui Institute, Earth Energies and Sacred Geometry, Dowsing, Speaker; Patrick MacManaway, M.D., British National Dowsing Society President, Third generation energy worker and partner in Integrative Medical Hospital in Scotland. 03/07
  • 8.0 CE Hours: Neurophysiology of Sound in Healing, 2 Days of the evidence of healing by sound. Center of Light, New England Sound Healing Research Institute, Ascutney, VT, Zacciah Blackburn 02/07

Continuing Education for 2006

  • 3.0 CE hours; How to Form a Non-Profit Organization, Coastal Carolina Community College, Jacksonville, NC 01/31/06
  • 6.0 CE Hours; Microsoft Office Skills & Business Equipment, Coastal Carolina Community College, Jacksonville, NC (59.5 contact hours) 02/01/06
  • 4.0 CE Hours; Animal Reiki I, Animal Reiki Source, Kathleen Prasad, Bright Haven Animal Sanctuary, 02/26/06
  • 4.0 CE Hours; Animal Reiki II, Animal Reiki Source, Kathleen Prasad, San Rafael, California, 02/27/06
  • 20 CE Hours: Annual Advanced Meeting in Veterinary Homeopathy, Saguaro Lake Ranch, Meza Az, 03/02-05/06
  • 4.5 CE Hours; Prolotherapy Injection Seminar, Roger L. De Haan, DVM, Ed Magaziner, MD. & Judith M. Shoemaker, DVM, Maryland, Pennsylvania Shoemaker’s practice, 04/15-16/06
  • 1.5 CE Hours; Vaccines & Vaccination: Building the Protocol-Implementing the Guidelines, Richard Ford, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVIM, sponsored by Merial,Framingham,Massachusetts,07/25/07
  • 25 CE Hours; 2006 AHVMA Annual Conference, Louisville, Kentucky, 10/7-10/06
  • 1.0 CE Hour; Lyme Disease, Well, Nobody knows? Jennifer Gargano, DVM, New England Animal Medical Center, West Bridgewater, MA 10/04/06

Continuing Education for 2005

  • 8.0 CE Hours; Quantum Touch, Pamela Hurst, Certified Quantum Touch Instructor, Asheville, NC, 12/11/05
  • 0.9 CE Hours; North Carolina Veterinary Conference, Dr. Richard Ford; Vaccine Protocols Canine 7 Feline, Complications, Controversies, Research triangle Park, NC
  • 16.0 CE Hours; 2005 Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy Annual Conference, Wilmington, NC 11/4-6/05
  • 28 CE Hours; Chi Institute TCVM Fall Conference, Reddick, FL, 10/13-16/05
  • 20 CE Hours; Healing Oasis, Third Module of the Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Course, Racine WI, 07/25-31/05
  • 15 CE Hours; Medicines from the Earth, Annual Herbal Medicine Symposium, Black Mountain, North Carolina, 06/4-6/05
  • 16.0 CE Hours; Veterinary NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique for Animals)Three Day Workshop held in South Carolina with Rahmie Valentine, OMD, L.Ac 05/20-22/05
  • 20 CE Hours; Healing Oasis, Second Module of the Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Course, Racine, WI, 05/05
  • 20 CE Hours; Plant Medicine for Animals, Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association. Pine Mountain, Georgia 04/29-05/01/05
  • 4.0 CE Hours; Homeopathy and Homotoxicology Seminar, the Society of Homotoxicology of North America, Charlotte, North Carolina, 04/16/05
  • 20 CE Hours; Healing Oasis, First Module for the Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Course, Racine, WI, 03/05
  • 5.0 CE Hours; Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy, ANHC Educational Programs, Pasadena, California, 01/27/05.

Specials Skills:

  • Co2 Laser Trained Surgeon
  • Small Animal Abdominal Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • Avimark Computer Software System
  • Pulse Diagnosis with Are Thoresen (Veterinarian) of Norway

Special Interest Training:

  • 2009 NIH Grant Application for Reiki Study in use for shelter animals SARA Veterinarian in Association
  • 08/15/00 NC Dept of Ag Emergency Programs Division Foreign Animal Disease Preparedness training.
  • 02/24-26/00 AAFP Winter Conference 16.0 CE Hours in Feline Medicine
  • 10/20-22/00 International Veterinary Seminars, Companion Animal Ophthalmology, HH, SC with Dr. David Maggs
  • 10/22/2000 Waltham Symposium Alternative Medicine at The Ohio University
  • 2000/2002/2003/2006/2007/2008 Annual AHVMA Conferences

Special Management Training:

  • 09/19/00 Conflict Management Skills for Women, Skill Path Seminars, Raleigh, NC
  • 11/19/00; It’s What’s Up That Counts Veterinary Practice Management Seminars CE 6.0 HR

Certified Licensed Veterinary Facilities:

  • Ideal Pet Veterinary Services, P.A. (2 locations) Jacksonville, NC and Richlands, NC 1990-1994
  • Animal Care of Sneads Ferry, Sneads Ferry, North Carolina 1995-1996
  • Coastal Cat Clinic (2 locations) Jacksonville, NC 1995-2005
  • Seaside Natural Health, Cedar Point, NC 2004-2005

Computer Classes in CCCC, Jacksonville, NC

  • Creative Presentation using MS PowerPoint
  • Introductions to Windows 2000; Excel, Access, Word, Publisher, Photoshop, PowerPoint
  • Office Skills & Business Equipment
  • Front Page Web Page Design

Professional Memberships:

  • AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners)
  • ABC (American Botanical Council)
  • AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association)
  • AHVMA (American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association)
  • VBMA (Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association)
  • AVH (Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy)
  • AVCA (American Veterinary Chiropractic Association)
  • AH-ABV (Association of Human-Animal Bond Veterinarians)
  • Delta Society (The Human-Animal Health Connection)
  • NCH (National Center for Homeopathy)
  • WVA (World Veterinary Association)
  • AVE (Alliance of Veterinarians for the Environment)
  • Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association


  • American Council of Animal Naturopaths
  • Science and Advisory Board for www.thedogpress.com
  • Feline Nutrition Education Society

Certificates of Completion:

  • 2011-Reiki III Schibiden with Franz Steine
  • 2003-2005 Professional Courses in Veterinary Homeopathy
  • 03/19/04 Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist Chi Institute& South China Univ of Ag
  • 2005 Certified Veterinary Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
  • 2005 Certified Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • 2005 Certified Veterinary Tui-Na Practitioner
  • 2007 Certified Veterinary Food Therapy
  • 05/222/05 Veterinary NAET
  • 02/26/06 Animal Reiki I Animal Reiki Source Bright Haven Animal Sanctuary
  • 02/27/06 Animal Reiki II Animal Reiki Source
  • 12/11/05 Quantum Touch
  • 04/2007 Cranial Sacral Therapy Sacred Stone Institute
  • 05/26/07 Crystal Energy Healing Initiation and Certificate
  • 05/2008 Advanced Class of Veterinary Homeopathy
  • 03/20/00 Natura Pet Food Certified Nutrition Advisor
  • 11/20/99 Small Animal Acupuncture Center for Veterinary Acupuncture

Special Interests:

Rural Area Spay Neuter Program for the Underserved Areas; participated in the White Mountain, Arizona in 2005

International Studies:

  • 1984 Berne Switzerland Externship Large Animal Medicine &Surgery
  • 1984 County Monaghan, Castle Leslie, Ireland Sport Horses of Ireland
  • 1987 World Small Animal Veterinary Medicine Conference in Harrogate, England
  • 2004 Annual TCVM Conference in South China University of Agriculture, Guangzhou, China Chi Institute and China National Society of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (32 CE hours)
  • 2010 World LIGA Meeting held in Redondo Beach, California

Published Books:

Back to the Garden, 30 years of natural medicine for you and your animals-under production

  • Sola Experimentus Vaccinosis-The Plight of our Disease from Vaccinations (pending) 2011
  • Mark of the Beast Hidden in Plain Sight Chimera Press ISBN # 978-1448644537 date 08/18/09 In 2009 this book also became one of the text books used at Kingdom College of Veterinary Naturopathy for the Veterinary Naturopathy Doctorate Curriculum and for the Human Natural Medicine Doctorate Curriculum

Published Articles:

  • 2011 Dogs Naturally Vaccines Brain Disease and Behavioral Issues
  • 2010 Dogs Naturally January issue The Rise in Cancer in Our Pet Populations
  • 2010 Dogs Naturally March issue Leptospirosis Disease and the Vaccine Smoke and Mirrors
  • 2010 Dogs Naturally May issue Lyme disease comes from Ticks and Sticks
  • 2010 Dogs Naturally July issue Bordatella vaccines and who has liability
  • 2010 Dogs Naturally Nov issue Rabies Waiting With Baited Breath
  • 2009 Foreword by Patricia Jordan, DVM to the SARA Shelter Animal Reiki Association Animal Reiki Handbook by Kathleen Prasad and Sara members
  • 2009 Authored the Foreword for the SARA Program Guide of utilizing Animal Reiki for Shelter Animals as organized by Kathleen Prasad of Animal Reiki Source
  • 2009 Commentary on the Effects of Spay and Neuter on the Veterinary Patient; Jing Deficiency with Kidney Deficiency and of Liver Yin Deficiency and Blood Deficiency as a result of vaccination and over vaccination PVAL list internet publication.
  • 2008 Cancer is Not of Just One Etiology, PDF file with Integrative Medicine (Herbal Medicine and Nutraceuticals to help in the Battle of Cancer Patients Lives)
  • 2007 Internet publication of the article Cancer on the Rise in Our Pet Populations also sited in the [Dr. Do Littler]
  • 2007 Veterinary Economics; Letter to the Editor; Seeing Double Commentary to the suggestion that vaccination be increased in number of administration in the areas hit by Hurricane Katrina
  • 2007 Summary of a Presentation by Dr. Ronald D. Schultz written by Patricia Monahan Jordan, DVM Journal AHVMA pg22-24Oct-Dec 2007 vol 26#3
  • 2007 Meeting report
  • 6th Annual CE Meeting for the Healing Oasis Center pg 40 Journal of the AHVMA Oct-Dec 2007 Vol 26
  • 2007 Grace: A Cat With A Broken Mouth
  • Fall 2007 Front Page of Journal of the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy and page 4
  • 2007 Review of Presenter: Dr. Huisheng Xie Chinese Herbal Medicine for Cancer Patients
  • Pg 35 Journal of the AHVMA Jan-Mar 2007 vol 25 number 4
  • 2007 Review of Presenter: Dr. Steve Marsden Blood Flow, the Key to the Kingdom
  • Pg34-35 Journal of the AHVMA Jan-Mar 2007 vol 25, number 4
  • 2006 AHVMA Journal July-Sept 2006, vol 25, number 2 pages 20 Animal Reiki by Patricia Jordan, DVM page 21-The Remarkable Recovery of Ribs and page30 Book Review-Animal Reiki Using Energy to Heal Animals in Your Life by Kathleen Prasad and Elizabeth
  • 2005 Journal of the Academy of Homeopathy Spring 2005 Cover: Surgery Averted by Calendula page 4
  • 2005 VBMA electronic website; Practice Pearls, Practice Tips from Veterinary Herbalists

Audiovisual Programs:

  • 2011 Vaccine Insights Part II Conventional Medicine is not Scientific or Evidence Based
  • 2011 November Dogs Naturally Webinar on Vaccinosis, the disease from vaccinations
  • 2011 May 6th Vaccinosis and Its Cure By Thuja Revisited PPP Annual AVH Conf.
  • 2011 Vaccine Insights Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5J-6MZyeH8
  • 2010 August 25, Animal Talk Naturally Vaccines DOI, IC, FD and videos of Dr. Ron Schultz
  • 2010 August 16, Conscious Living with Ginger of Greenwich, CT Tell Us About Vaccines
  • 2010 June 9, 2010 Animal Talk Naturally The Need To Know About Rabies
  • 2010 June entry into Shirley’s Wellness Café for vaccination papers
  • 2010 June entry into www.thedogplace.org and vaccination papers
  • 2010 May 5th Animal Talk Naturally Parvo, Bordatella and Rabies vaccines what we know
  • 2010 April 14 Animal Talk Naturally on how the immune system is dysregulated by vaccines and genetic expression of disease
  • 2010 5th Annual Combined American Homeopathic Meeting NCH April 9th Alexandria, VA Poster Session; How vaccines dysregulate the immune system and affect genetic expression and disease
  • 2009 August 27 On The Edge TV show in UK with Host Theo Chalmers and Guest Catherine O’Driscoll vaccine issues and the effects of feeding commercial pet foods. Presentation via SKYPE from America to UK
  • 2009 August 13 Holistic Health and Wellness Episode 47 Vaccine Dangers for Your Pets with Host Kelly Campbell
  • 2009 July 11 Republican Broadcasting Show with Dr. Rebecca Carley, Patrick Jordan and Jane Bergermeister on the Science of Vaccine Damage behind the H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine and the WHO plan. Radio Show
  • 2009 June 28 Pets People and Paradise Kauai Radio talk show of Dr. Ihor Basko speaking to the vaccines by debate also about Mark of the Beast
  • 2009 June 24 Sudbury Library Conference Room Vaccines Pipeline to Diseases sponsored by Save A Dog
  • 2009 June 23 SAVE A DOG Update on Vaccine Issues and MARK OF THE BEAST introduction Dinner Meeting in Marlborough, MA
  • 2009 June 17, 2009 Animal Talk Naturally Vaccine Issues Part III prerecorded
  • 2009 June 12th Republican Broadcasting radio with Dr. Rebecca Carley Vaccine Pipeline
  • 2009 May 3 Republican Broadcasting with Ralph Kermit Winterrowd II Wasilla, AK Vaccination and Rabies
  • 2009 April 25, Republican Broadcasting with Dr. Rebecca Carley on Rabies
  • 2009 April 15, 30 and June 17th Parts 1, 2 and 3 Animal Talk Naturally
  • 2009 Republican Broadcasting the Baxter Disaster in mixing H5N1 and H3N2 strains
  • 2008 What’s Ailing America Dr. Rebecca Carley the Vaccine Induced Disease
  • 2008 Fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis Vaccine Relationship talk with Coach Marla and Wendy Callahan (owner of the Vaccine Liberation website)
  • 2008 Speaking out about vaccine damage in our companion animals with Kris Christine on radio show
  • 2005-6 DVD interview on DRDOMORE Project speaking out to the damage of vaccines and commercial pet food feeding and the health of our animals (2005)

Teaching Engagements:

  • 08/23/2010 2 hr Adult Education Class on Natural Care for Pets Carteret Community College, Morehead City, NC
  • 08/28/2010 2 hr Adult Education Class on Natural Care for Pets Jacksonville Oriental Medicine Clinic, Vivian Manusco, Acupuncturist
  • 09/27/2010 2 hr Adult Education Class on Natural Pet Nutrition Carteret Community College, Morehead City, NC
  • 10/25/2010 2 hr Adult Education Class on Herbal Medicine For Pets Carteret Community College, Morehead City, NC
  • 2010, 2011 Kingdom College of Natural Health Adjunct Professor