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Lyme Disease and Lyme Vaccine Disease – An Update on the Risk and Prevelance by Dr. Jordan.
Leptospirosis update by Dr. Jordan, published in Dogs Naturally, 2014.
AUDIO: Know Your Rights Hour with Dr. Patricia Jordan being interviewed by Dr. Mayer Eisenstein and Alan Phillips.
AUDIO: Attorney Alan Phillips, The Vaccine Rights Radio Show with Dr. Patricia Jordan
AUDIO and Article: The Robert Scott Bell radio show – Dr. Patricia Jordan and Dr. Gonzalez discuss vaccinosis, epigenetics, homeopathy, cancer and more.
VIDEO: On The Edge with Theo Chalmers – Guests Dr. Patricia Jordan and Catherine O’Driscoll
VIDEO: Vaccine Insights-Part I
VIDEO: Vaccine Insights-Part II
WEBINAR: Vaccine Damage is All We Ever See
AUDIO: Know Your Rights, Dr. Jordan on Blog Talk Radio (Starts after commercials)
Vets on Vaccines by Catherine O’Driscoll
An Interview with Dr Patricia Jordan
Vaccine Reaction Essay, by Dr. Jordan in
AUDIO – Dr. Jordan’s interview for Vaccine Awareness Week, Part 1
AUDIO – Dr. Jordan’s interview for Vaccine Awareness Week, Part 2
Bordatella Vaccine Fraud and Fallacy by Dr. Jordan
Rabies – Wildlife Vaccine, Waiting with Baited Breath by Dr Jordan
Lyme Disease and Lyme Vaccine Disease by Dr. Jordan
How the OspA antigen in Lyme dys Regulates the Immune System by Dr. Jordan
Ticks-Natural Prevention and Lyme Disease Avoidance
Leptomania by Dr. Patricia Jordan
Smoke and Mirrors the Leptospirosis Vaccine by Dr. Jordan
Veterinary Economics Response-Seeing Double
Summary of Schultz Presentation on Vaccinations, by Dr. Jordan (AHVMA Journal)
The Bigger Picture of the Vaccine Safety Question, by Dr. Jordan
Rise of Cancer in Our Pet Population, by Dr. Jordan (Dogs Naturally)
What it means to be spayed, neutered, and over-vaccinated, by Dr. Jordan
How Vaccines dys Regulate the Immune System, by Dr. Jordan


Vaccinosis & its cure by Thuja – Homeoprophylaxis, by J. Compton Burnett
Jordan Surgery Averted By Calendula, by Dr. Jordan (AVH Journal)
Saving Grace-The Cat With the Broken Mouth, by Dr. Jordan (AVH Journal)
Precious The Broken-up Kitten, by Dr. Jordan (AVH Journal)
Precious the Broken-up Kitten-Comments on Case (AVH Journal)

Disaster Preparedness for Pets

Building a Disaster Kit for Pets, by Dr. Jordan

The Companion Carnivore

Free Download – Carnivore Companion By Dr. Patricia Jordan

Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki Training and A Book Review, By Dr. Jordan (AHVMA)
Foreward for SARA Program, By Dr. Jordan
The Remarkable Recovery of Ribs, By Dr. Jordan
The Remarkable Recovery of Po, By Dr. Jordan