Natural Medicine

Herbal-Medicine-12569894smNatural medicine is the use of remedies, foods, teas and other natural products to address health issues in people and animals, even plants. Whole food nutrition and intelligent whole food supplementation is supported with botanical products, homeopathic remedies, minerals, animal derived products and then clean water, clean air, sunshine , exercise, good relationship and unconditional love. In addition to those important ingredients for health, there are many forms of “energy” manipulations that can be added to help support health.

Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupressure, tui-na soft tissue manipulation, herbal medicine and Chinese Food Therapy), spinal manipulation, cranial sacral, emotional freedom technique, vortex healing, quantum touch, crystal and stone therapy, color therapy, tonal therapy, there are many different forms of energy manipulations whereby the senses of the patient are affected, the electromagnetic field is affected, the physical body receives sensory input and the body responds to the sensory input. Usually the nervous system, the main sensory organ will then respond with molecular or cellular response to the input.

reikiReiki is about as close to spiritual healing as any form of natural medicine. I have very big books full of documentation on these forms of healthcare from spiritual healing to botanical medicine validation. The best proof is “in the pudding “so to speak. The people and the pets and even the plants respond to energy interaction like intention, intelligence and prayer. The proofs that these modalities shift the patient are encountered every time they are employed. Even wildlife creatures have responded to Reiki sessions.

Natural medicine is the only sustainable form of health care I know of and now is the time to share these modalities with the planetary community. Within every one of us there is the ability to tap into this energy manipulation. I look forward to helping everyone acknowledge their right to employ natural medicine and the freedom to choose this for themselves, their pet or as you will see, your plants!