Animal Reiki

For the past 25 years I have worked as a veterinarian, and during the last decade in integrative veterinary medicine. As a veterinary doctor, I am grateful for the freedom to offer my patients naturopathic medicine. Taking the certification programs for Veterinary Homeopathy, Veterinary Spinal Manipulation and being almost finished my Masters in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine; I have found healing for my patients in all these modalities. I can be a doctor practicing allopathic medicine, but I can be a healer when engaged in the energetic modalities.

Kathleen doing Reiki on MysticEnergy medicine affects a much greater level of patient care. The modality that trumps every other – that engages the healing power of the universe in only one direction that for the highest good, and can engage anyone with a heart moved to help the patient, is the healing energy of Reiki. I have been a part of, or have knowledge of, more healings that have occurred with the power of Reiki, than with all other modalities of energetic medicine combined. Reiki can even be done from a distance with nothing known but the name of the patient, and can be as exact as reinflating collapsed lungs or moving a foreign body out of the stomach.

Talking to many healers, including doctors, there is a distinct advantage for engaging the practice of Reiki. Allowing the open heartedness of Reiki to open every practice day and to start any healing modality with heart centeredness opens the case for the highest possible healing. Doing this sets the right code of ethics for why anyone is even involved in the healing arts. Learning the field of energy medicine opens up more pathways to healing with subtle energy so that even energetic shifts are sometimes all that is needed for situation improvement.

Reiki is as close to a miracle as I have ever witnessed and could very well be the stepping stone to spiritual healing. It’s a type of spiritual channeling, much like intercessory prayer, the good prayer, where anyone can participate and where only the direction of the highest good is sought. Reiki is the energy medicine from which all other positive attempts to aid a patient needs to flow. I, personally, cannot imagine practicing medicine without it.

My personal experiences with Reiki

My training in Animal Reiki was from Kathleen Prasad, of Animal Reiki Source, (Kathleen is pictured above doing Reiki on her dog Mystic) and this is the link to that program and a list of practitioners There are also many cases on Amimal Reiki published here.

RibsI have Certificates from studying the advanced portions of Reiki with Kathleen’s teacher, Franz Steine, and I was also very influential in helping to get Kathleen Prasad into the AHVMA Conference as a speaker, which really helped bring Reiki to the attention of the veterinarians.
Kathleen invited me to write a forward for her book about Animal Reiki, and I wrote a review of her book published in the AHVMA. The dog pictured on the right is named Ribs, you can also read his amazing story below (see links below).

The following links are to articles about Animal Reiki, and two special dogs named Ribs and Po.

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