Homeopathy is timeless and without limit Homeopathy is an ancient idea, recognized by keen observers of nature. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, was born around 460 BC.

Homeopathic remedyHippocrates recognized that diseases come from natural sources, rather than the superstitious sources popular at the time. He became a careful observer. He recognized that each case is individual. He also recognized that when treating a hitherto unknown case, he could use similar remedies, from similar cases. As well as recognizing that a body can heal itself, he understood the importance of cleanliness, of a good diet and of exercise: ideas that took a couple of millennium to become common practice.

Paracelsus (1493 – 1541) was an alchemist and a doctor. He was outspoken against doctors doing more harm than good. He stated: “All things are poison, for there is nothing without poisonous qualities … it is only the dose which makes a thing poison.” This is close to the homeopathic principle of using minute doses of the substance, even poisons. He believed that health rested on “the inner harmony of man”, something homeopaths easily identify with.

William Cullen (1710 – 1790), a Scottish physician and lecturer on chemistry, wrote A Treatise of Materia Medica in 1789.

In 1790, Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of modern day homeopathy, translated this work into German. It was here that he discovered the idea that cinchona bark produces the very same fever in a healthy person that it so capably heals in a sick person. This was a  real eureka moment for Hahnemann and he experimented with this idea on himself. When he took a dose, he developed the same symptoms it was known to cure. And so, based on ancient wisdom, modern day homeopathy was born.

SH Monument Best ViewsmThis photo shows the monument dedicated to Samuel Hahnemann, I took this picture myself while at a National Conference on Homeopathy in Washington, D.C.

Samuel Hahnemann was a highly intelligent man, far ahead of his time. He was a doctor, a chemist and a linguist. (He was proficient in Latin, Greek, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic and French.) He was interested in philosophy and literature. His change from practicing medicine to discovering homeopathy came about after he found it unacceptable to continue with the current medical practice of doing more harm than good. 

Samuel Hahnemann spent the rest of his life experimenting, observing, developing the complete philosophy of homeopathy and writing guide-lines for following practitioners. One of his most important instructions is: “The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles.” He clearly understood the nature of disease, the nature of the medicines and the nature of man – the three key areas fundamental to healing.

Here is a link to the National Center of Homeopathy webpage that further describes what homeopathy is and how it works http://nationalcenterforhomeopathy.org/content/what-is-homeopathy-1

Also the link to the page on the links to scientific studies on how homeopathy works;


Note that famous quote right on the front of Similia Similibus Curentur which translates into “Like Cures Like”’. If you purchase my second book, Sola Experimentus Vaccinosis which translates into
“everything we see is vaccine damage and based on experience”- you can read the intensive study I performed on Dr. J Compton Burnett’s Vaccinosis and It’s Cure by Thuja. His opus magnus which cautioned all medical professionals to never ever ever forget to ask the question on the intake of “when” the health was first noted to deteriorate and to see that this translated into “never well since vaccination”. At the end of Dr. J Compton Burnett’s little book, Vaccinosis and It’s Cure by Thuja, Dr. Burnett puts a somewhat different spin on the Similia Similibus Curentur and translates the ending
“so that they all might be cured”, which indeed demands that we learn the science and the implementation of homeopathy in order to cure the all the diseases and for all of victims.

Following in depth study of the classical remedy for vaccinosis, I have some free downloads on the shorter papers I have written about Thuja, Arbor vitae, Tree of Life and its implementation for the treatment of vaccine damage (vaccinosis). Certainly this is not the only remedy to be employed for treating vaccine damage and because of this I have papers on remedy relationships to Thuja. One needs to be working with a properly trained and licensed veterinary homeopath for your pets and the only source for this type of help can be found on the link of referrals from Dr. Richard Pitcairn’s webpage at www.dr.pitcairn.com . You need to have a local veterinary homeopath for which to seek professional veterinary homeopathic care according to some state veterinary medical practice acts. The National Center of Homeopathy is then a resource for homeopathic care for your two legged family members and serves as a wonderful resource in all things homeopathy. You can see the free download that contains my poster presentation for the NCH on the topic of How vaccines Dysregulate your Immune System.

The NCH by the way also has a standby list of talented homeopaths that will be available for this great nation in the case of disaster or emergency that might require the development of a “genus epidemicus”, a qualifying symptom picture of any bioterrorism or infectious threat that may befall us and the generation of the remedies most likely to treat such disaster or emergencies. I encourage everyone to become familiar with homeopathy to at least the extent each home has a first aid kit for homeopathy use in the home. I will be teaching at the Fire Fly gathering in Asheville, NC (http://www.fireflygathering.org/)   and where you can obtain such kits for use for the whole family 4 legged and 2 legged. It is also my future goal to open up dialogue on the use of Homeopathy for the organic and biodynamic growers, to use homeopathy for farm animals, crops and your pets and family. Brazil is doing this, Germany is doing this.  As a matter of fact a recent Scientific American article was the front page news of that issue; declaring homeopathy to be indispensible to the planet and to human health.
Scientific American - HomeopathyA recent Nobel Prize winner is also out there describing the how behind the unseen dynamics of homeopathy’s success. Even Dr. Candace Pert is getting “homeopathic” results in her research lab and science is finding out that homeopathic remedies themselves are affecting gene expression and that is how disease is affected. I have a recommendation for a DVD to purchase http://www.wholehealthnow.com/world  and here on YouTube a free six minute preview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmU58s8MB3c that shows how effective and yet low cost this form of medicine is. For this very reason, allopathic medicine and the big pharmaceutical industrial complex has made war with this ideal natural sustainable form of medicine that they cannot patent, control nor monopolize. The reason the highly invested US government and big pharmaceutical industry and our current failing medical paradigm doesn’t want you to know about homeopathy is because they have no vested interest in this form of medicine, all of their eggs are in western medicine basket and their livelihoods depend on protecting and monopolizing that failing form of medicine that is not sustainable and is not natural and is also not intelligent.