The Power of Botanicals

My mission is to replace every unsafe and critical nutrient-depleting drug and find a natural, safe, botanical to employ for safe, intelligent healing.
Have you watched the movie Numen, The Healing Power of Plants?

You should at least look at the preview; you will feel very special at the healing powers that our green folk provide us. In this movie you will see many of the wonderful herbalists that I have been very fortunate to be trained by. I have been interested in plants for everything; food, decoration, to improve indoor air quality,  landscaping and now for medicine.

Medicines from the earth Herb walkIn veterinary school my favorite class was Dr. Brownie’s Toxicology of Plants  because it was the  course that dealt with botanicals. Following graduation, I became a charter member of the VBMA (Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association) This was the most exciting community to find, a professional medical association dealing with botanical medicine for the animals. The VBMA is “dedicated to developing responsible herbal practice”.

At Chi Institute, the Veterinary Herbal Medicine Program is part of the Advanced Program in TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine). It is here that licensed veterinarians are able to become qualified veterinary medical herbalists using the ancient system of Chinese Medicine.

My Professor, Dr. Xie has founded Jing-tang Herbal our source for the highest quality Traditional Chinese Herbal products.

As I worked my way through years of TCVM training, it is the herbs as medicine and herbs as food that had me the most focused. Here was a way to really become involved in using “medicines from the earth” natural medicines to treat the health issues of today.

dog smelling dandelionWhile researching, I happened upon the work of Dr. Mirko Beljanski in the Townsend Newsletter, I immediately resonated with a foundational discovery of his which was that plant medicines worked better with our DNA that any synthetics, any chemicals any patented nonliving and unintelligent pill. The plants worked like a “lock and key” with our DNA. This information is what convinced me that the correct path to health, was to avoid the synthetics, the chemicals the toxins, the patented pills and instead to search out the incredible intelligent healing plants that nature provides us.

I will be teaching an Herbs for Pets certification course at ASHH (Appalachia School of Herbal Holism) for more information on the herbal programs they offer. I will also be offering seminars and workshops on the employment of herbs for pets so please let me know if you would like to be on a mailing list for this type of news and events. If you would like to find an intelligent botanical replacement for the drugs that your pet has been prescribed, then book a consultation with me and we will explore the plant world for that natural medicine from the earth.