Hippocrates is the Father of Natural Medicine and all that long ago, he had it right! “Leave your crucibles on the shelf and let food be your medicine and medicine your food” I repeat those words of wisdom in the DRDOMORE video where veterinarians from all over the world are brought together to tackle the question of why our animals are having so much cancer and chronic disease.

Another famous quote is  “when the diet is right, medicine is of no need and when the diet is wrong medicines are of no use” 

cat with dry kibbleAnd another one, my personal favorite the best vaccine is optimal nutrition“. Meaning immunity comes from optimal nutrition not a vial of toxins and viruses.

So, what is optimal nutrition for the carnivore companion? Let’s start with what it is not: chemically processed genetically engineered cereals pressed into food like particles!

dog with raw meaty boneDogs and cats are carnivores not cornivores and they need to eat a biologically appropriate diet of whole food nutrition. Only nutrition that is wholesome and biologically appropriate can hope to bring the individuals genetic expression to healthy optimization.

What every veterinarian that has performed due diligence and sought out non conflict education on carnivore nutrition and has employed biologically appropriate wholesome nutrition for their patients will tell you is that “it is the very foundation of health”.

If you are confused with the prospects of carnivore nutrition done correctly, then schedule a consultation with me. In the Asheville, NC area we have the Green Earth Pet Food Company as  one local resource for carnivore companion foods.

If you are still not aware about commercially processed pet food facts, you want to know about Susan Thixton and her website TRUTH ABOUT PET FOODS

For all our “Cat-Loving” friends, the following organization is a great resource for raw food feeding. The Feline Nutrition Education Society is working to change the way people think about the term “cat food”.
Their web address is and you can also watch these two YouTube Videos.

Be sure to download a complimentary copy of the EBook, Carnivore Companion by Dr. Patricia Jordan, where many generous experts in the field of carnivore nutrition have come together to provide you with the truth about feeding the carnivore at your side.

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