I was contacted by a fellow herbalist in a panic over the patent drugs that had been dispensed by a veterinarian for a friend’s dog that had been released after being seen for a dog attack. They were very concerned when they read about the anti inflammatory medications, the pain medications and the antibiotics  “effects” to the bodies into which they are put. I had already encountered severe damage from all of these drugs even one at a time on different companion animals. Yes, the one they prescribed for anti-inflammatory has killed animals who received it. Yes, the antibiotics do have serious consequences not only in selecting for super germs but also for causing gastrointestinal problems, killing of the important good bacteria and oh yeah….now we see some lethal interactions with mercury if they are also already metal poisoned from lots of vaccines. The pain medications usually have the longest list of  so called “side effects” but I refuse to call the “side effects” as they are not “a la carte” and everyone who ends up with patent drugs gets some of the  long list of possible  effects.

So, the herbalist knew full well there were much safer alternatives from intelligent plant medicines that could provide all of the symptom relief that the patent drugs were being prescribed for. Intelligent medicines with benefit for the body without the risk, the cost and the possible death sentence. For instance, curcumin is much safer for anti inflammatory and pain and won’t harm the liver! Plants can even provide a much safer “anti biotic” coverage and without ruining the pets gastrointestinal tract, healthy microbiota or helping develop super germs. Plus this can all be had with a cost that is not even the cost of one of the over priced patent drugs.

Here are two pictures of medicine cabinets……Which one do you want to reach for?Narconon sponsors Operation Medicine Cabinetnatures-medicine-cabinet-410x290_0

Critical Nutrients Depleted By Prescriptions

Drugs Pharmaceuticals Synthetics all lead to critical nutrient depletion and here is the list.

Antibiotics; without even needing to discuss the fact we now have super germs that cannot be treated with any drugs successfully that have spawned from the overuse of antibiotics even to our food animals that are not sick but “medicated” in order to produce bigger and faster, or the continued over prescribing by veterinary medical doctors and by human medical doctors for issues they cannot seem to realize are actually immune dys regulation issues initiated by vaccination use in the first place. [Read more…]

It’s Raining Usnea

Here is a remarkable plant available right now in April. I found it all over the ground at the AB Tech campus in Candler, NC outside Asheville, NC.

Usnea is also called Old Man’s Beard and you can find goofy pictures on the internet of guys using it literally for a beard. The genus species name is Usnea barbata or barbata bradovea. The plant is actually a combination of lichen and algae. But here are the amazing medicinal qualities of this “medicine from the earth”: the usneic acid is natural antibiotic and has been used successfully to treat staph infections. Usnea stops bleeding and you can collect and dry the plant and use like gauze to treat superficial wounds. I plan to use this in my “emergency and first aid kit” herbal remedy cabinet, a class I will be teaching in Asheville at the FireFly Gathering in June 20 -23rd http://fireflygathering.org/

Usnea is also a bitter that sustains digestion, is used to help those who stop smoking for the hacking from the lungs. Usnea can be made into an extract and tinctured to put onto gauze and treat wounds. [Read more…]