Wired Jack gets grey hair and early aging from vaccines

Here is a case of vaccinations causing a severe case of “vaccinosis” and the poor dog “aging ten years overnight”. The dog also had hair turn grey like I often see from vaccines and the cure administered by a certified veterinary homeopath the classic remedy for vaccinosis…..THUJA!

Multiply vaccinated and Aged Overnight-Senescence*****Jack russell on leash

         11/12/09 Hom consult: More details of above (including allergies x TWO years).

         Disability described as “crippled”, “hobbled,” yesterday fell over from stiffness and after shaking herself another time.

         Exhausted and sleeps all day. Seems cold ever since the vax. Won’t go out in snow/rain. Other details but sparing you them.

•Rx Thuj 200c once in water: tearing in muscles/joints; chilly; vaccination after; (R-sided); lacrimation L. [Read more…]

Replace Dangerous Drugs with Botanicals

I came across another case of a dog dying from Rimadyl. This time the dog’s owner is suing the veterinarian that has prescribed this drug. My earlier post on the successful use of Curcumin to treat canine osteoarthritis comes with the caveat that there is no downside to using the Curcumin. I have often recommended products for pain and inflammation that contain healthy safe botanical products. Thirteen years ago actually is when I stopped forgetting to mention a healthier alternative than NSAIDS or drugs like Rimadyl. [Read more…]