wonderful feline nutrition website update

Great kitty cats! What a wonderful job Feline-Nutrition.org has done updating their website to word press! You just must take a tour of the website and view the great YouTube videos that show you not only how to make your felines optimal nutrition with carcass grind and ice cube trays, but also the benefits of feeding the only appropriate companion carnivore diet for cats. They also have plenty of resources for feeding optimal nutrition and where you can source these products.  I will be glad to consult with you for any concerns you have with the conflict information put out there against raw food diets by the veterinarians and  veterinary professional associations that are sponsored by the big commercial pet food companies and are paid pretty much to say what they do against real whole raw foods.Domestic_cat_eating_bird_on_lawn-8 birds are berry eaters

At least I can give you the facts after feeding my own pets raw foods for a decade and my clients and students even more. I wish there was a website like the Feline-Nutrition.org site for dogs but I do have two that you can go to for doggy nutrition info. Dr. Kim Bloomer offered these websites for the dogs; There is  rawlearning  and rawfeddogs.net and even naturalrearing  Plus on the nutrition page of this website and on the download page you can find a complimentary Ebook entitled   The Carnivore Companion . Many wonderful  contributors all experts in their field and WITHOUT a conflict to commercially processed pet food companies have put there best advice into this Ebook. I have found feeding the companion carnivores correctly is the foundation of health, the first step to detoxing them from even gene damage coming from the environment and vaccinations. Not everything can be detoxed but  a great deal can be. You just have to want them to have good health to take the plunge.    My Sage Professor, Dr. Richard Pitcairn has been telling us for the past 30 years that the two largest contributors to companion animals ill health is the overuse of vaccines and the then drugs to treat the vaccine induced diseases and the feeding of commercially processed pet foods. You can find the proof here in this website and in the book I authored also available here on the website. If you love your pet and want as long of a human animal bond as possible, learn to first of all feed him right, second of all keep poisons and toxic substances away from him.

Fire Fly Gathering is just around the corner!

The Medicines from the Earth Conference is hardly over, the organizers not even back to their Oregon home when the Asheville community is buzzing about the Firefly Gathering and its new location in Bell’s Cove. If you never heard about the Firefly Gathering go here and take a look http://www.fireflygathering.org/  The people of Appalachia have a long history of self sustainability living. As a matter of fact, I learned that was the mantra for George Vanderbilt’s Biltmore Estate. Biltmore was the first large farming estate to hire their own resident veterinarian. George Vanderbilt’s dream vision was to be “self sustained” and a visit to the amazing Biltmore Estate and Gardens will prove that vision came true.

Firefly is for everyone who wants to learn and share the vision for self sustainability. How the Firefly Gathering accomplishes this goal is written in the Firefly Manifesto which can be read here http://www.fireflygathering.org/manifesto.asp

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How important are those beneficial bugs or bacteria our bodies are host to?

Another talk from this past weekend that is one of the most important topics to be aware of, is biofilms and chronic disease which was the topic of Naturopathic Doctor Jill Stanbury. Biofilms are like the local neighborhoods of the bacterial and other microbes that live in our bodies. We are just now learning about these “ecosystems” these neighborhoods and how they play a role in both health and disease.

One of the most important links I quickly realized was the biofilm on the teeth and the function of the diet to the dental health. Dental plaque is a part of this biofilm. The diets will be very influential in setting up the type of bacteria that grow in this environment and the type of biofilm that forms the oral cavity “neighborhood”.  The diet with carbohydrates is the largest influence on the formation of biofilms and the selection for the type of bacteria that will live in these neighborhoods.

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How commercially processed pet foods are ruining dental health of your pets

One of the most important talks I attended at the Medicines From the Earth Conference in Black Mountain, NC this past weekend was David Crow of Florocopeia  talk on Dental Health; Natural Approaches.

Amazing to me was not only the confirmation that “natural native diets” are everything to oral health and hygiene in agreement with the work of the famous dentist Dr. Weston Price who traveled the world documenting the superior dental health of native peoples consuming natural native diets, but also that the typical western diet which is full of sugar and carbohydrates is the very source of destruction of dental health and hygiene.

In our pets who are companion carnivores, feeding them commercially processed foods composed of genetically engineered cereal crops (high in carbohydrates) with meat meal or a little meat broth added in is a recipe for disaster. This type of commercially processed foods I refer to as “landfill” products that have been marketed to the public as an ideal food for your companions but in truth is the second largest contributor to ill health in animals along with toxic vaccines and use of synthetic drugs , chemicals and toxic substances applied for parasite control.

Please engage in a little research and visit Susan Thixton’s Truth about Pet Foods in order to learn the truth about what is actually going into those commercially processed pet foods. And also please don’t blame the messengers!

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