“You put what in my mouth?!” is an upcoming documentary film by the webmaster of MercuryExposure.Info

vaccinating dog in shoulder with rabies

Mercury is underlying all the disease that we are suffering and heavy metals are injected into our pets with every vaccine. Humans have amalgams that are contributing and vaccines and the animals are getting toxicity from vaccine jabs and from the commercially processed foods.

Heavy metals in vaccines also light metals like aluminum are gene damaging

Heavy metals in vaccines also light metals like aluminum are gene damaging


How commercially processed pet foods are ruining dental health of your pets

One of the most important talks I attended at the Medicines From the Earth Conference in Black Mountain, NC this past weekend was David Crow of Florocopeia  talk on Dental Health; Natural Approaches.

Amazing to me was not only the confirmation that “natural native diets” are everything to oral health and hygiene in agreement with the work of the famous dentist Dr. Weston Price who traveled the world documenting the superior dental health of native peoples consuming natural native diets, but also that the typical western diet which is full of sugar and carbohydrates is the very source of destruction of dental health and hygiene.

In our pets who are companion carnivores, feeding them commercially processed foods composed of genetically engineered cereal crops (high in carbohydrates) with meat meal or a little meat broth added in is a recipe for disaster. This type of commercially processed foods I refer to as “landfill” products that have been marketed to the public as an ideal food for your companions but in truth is the second largest contributor to ill health in animals along with toxic vaccines and use of synthetic drugs , chemicals and toxic substances applied for parasite control.

Please engage in a little research and visit Susan Thixton’s Truth about Pet Foods in order to learn the truth about what is actually going into those commercially processed pet foods. And also please don’t blame the messengers!

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