NEVER vaccinate in the face of stress anesthesia and Surgery

Vaccines cause anaphylaxis….one of the top adverse events.
Vaccines cause respiratory arrest as in SIDS…..a common adverse event.

Vaccination under some anesthetic protocols allows the viruses the victim is being vaccinated for to EXPRESS. So any medical professional should know NOT to vaccinate in the face of stressful anesthesia /surgery events.

. Also this is a chance to spread the information over how you shouldn’t perform these dangerous medical acts, (vaccinations) on victims also under anesthesia/surgery .This death is on the veterinary profession for failure to understand what the hell they are doing, especially with vaccinations!

EVERYBODY knows anytime you jab you can kill the patient. Putting any of these victims at risk my jabbing under stress, anesthesia/surgery or well even if in health the vaccinations are RISK. Why in the world did they pile up vaccines on top of anesthesia and surgery?  Any shelters or rescue associations and absolutely no veterinarians should ever allow vaccine jabs at the same time as anesthesia and surgery or under stress. it will substantially increase the likelihood of DEATH.  SHAME

Replace Dangerous Drugs with Botanicals

I came across another case of a dog dying from Rimadyl. This time the dog’s owner is suing the veterinarian that has prescribed this drug. My earlier post on the successful use of Curcumin to treat canine osteoarthritis comes with the caveat that there is no downside to using the Curcumin. I have often recommended products for pain and inflammation that contain healthy safe botanical products. Thirteen years ago actually is when I stopped forgetting to mention a healthier alternative than NSAIDS or drugs like Rimadyl. [Read more…]