To Stockholm Sweden and Back Again!

Ok, wow it has been a rough 3 months but it appears that even at my age and level of heavy metal damage with the help of family and friends and God’s grace, it wasn’t too late to survive heavy metal poisoning! Thanks to my brother Dan, I was able to travel all the way to Stockholm, Sweden to have my heavy metal amalgams removed ! I had to stay a week and be prepped for the concurrent therapies it would take to ensure the safe removal of the amalgams. Here in Sweden where the use of mercury in amalgams has been outlawed due to its toxicity, they know the dangers of getting the serious neuro toxin out.

I was to receive an IV of Vitamin C to chelate the heavy metals from my bloodstream and to protect my kidneys which were already being harmed by the mercury leaching out of my  amalgams.IV vitamin C

I have now been educated in more mercury toxicity details that I ever thought my mercury muddled mind could even handle. After having the mercury tri-speciation testing done at Quicksilver Labs in Colorado, I found out that my mercury poisoning was coming from two places; vaccinations and amalgams. I am not a fish eater and the organic mercury was not a part of my poisoning.
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This is the title for a Natural News 365 article based on work from Harvard School of Public Health.

The information was added to a very large file that I have on Vit D 3. Vit D 3 is an essential vitamin and must come every day in the diet not only to us humans but even to our carnivore companions. This is one reason I insisted that Vit D 3 be included in the recipe for Spark.

But here is a tie in I betcha you will never hear made by Harvard School of Public Health. Vaccines, especially the mercury containing vaccines delivered to humans and animals, contain the heavy metal that poisons the endocrine system. Specifically, poisoning the hypothalamus, the pituitary, the thyroid and the pineal gland is the type of endocrine poisoning I am talking about. This heavy metal poisoning by vaccines and by mercury amalgams ruins the HPA axis, induces a state of increased “stress” and cortisol production and cortisol depletes Vit D 3 levels.


Yes, I have found out why so many humans and animals are not only “stressed” or undergoing “stress” response but also why they are also Vit D 3 and for that matter magnesium deficient!

So, guess what also happens when vaccines dys regulate the body and make a healthy Th 1 cell mediated immune system, unhealthy, chronically inflamed and a Th 2 or humoral bias? DIS EASE that is so bad, the only answer from conventional medicine seems to be none other than the administration of steroids in order to temper down what the unsafe and unnecessary vaccines have dys regulated.

And guess what??? STEROIDS or IATROGENIC CORTISOL, does the same thing that endogenous cortisol from a mercury poisoned endocrine system can do which is deplete Vit D 3 and other critical nutrients.

So, read up on the benefits of Vit D 3 and how important it is for health, for avoiding chronic disease but don’t forget where the unwitted loss of this vital vitamin is coming from……..metals, mercury, vaccines and drugs like steroids.

Say yes to natural living, to natural diets, to natural vitamins in whole natural foods. The best vaccination is optimal nutrition. Avoid losing your health to un natural and unnecessary vaccinations, and the poisoning of your endocrine system!