Natural Flea Control

This is a picture of a Fleabane, a plant that is used to make flea repellant for dogs. I took a picture of this plant while walking on a plant walk at the Warren Wilson College Campus in Swannanoa, NC at the Earth Day Celebration sponsored by a Women Owned Herbal Business that I purchase from frequently called Red Moon Herbs

A local herbalist, Joel Boyle at Wind Fox Herbal in local Black Mountain, NC produces a “flea killer” product that contains Fleabane as one of the components. He is one of my instructors at ASHH (Appalachia School of Herbal Holism) the longest existing herbal school in the south. Joel is also one of the alumni of ASHH whose website is I will be teaching an Herbs for Pets certification course at ASHH this summer so if you’re interested in learning more and in the area, perhaps you can join us for a 60 hour certification course on how you too can learn to use medicines from the earth for your animals. [Read more…]