To Stockholm Sweden and Back Again!

Ok, wow it has been a rough 3 months but it appears that even at my age and level of heavy metal damage with the help of family and friends and God’s grace, it wasn’t too late to survive heavy metal poisoning! Thanks to my brother Dan, I was able to travel all the way to Stockholm, Sweden to have my heavy metal amalgams removed ! I had to stay a week and be prepped for the concurrent therapies it would take to ensure the safe removal of the amalgams. Here in Sweden where the use of mercury in amalgams has been outlawed due to its toxicity, they know the dangers of getting the serious neuro toxin out.

I was to receive an IV of Vitamin C to chelate the heavy metals from my bloodstream and to protect my kidneys which were already being harmed by the mercury leaching out of my  amalgams.IV vitamin C

I have now been educated in more mercury toxicity details that I ever thought my mercury muddled mind could even handle. After having the mercury tri-speciation testing done at Quicksilver Labs in Colorado, I found out that my mercury poisoning was coming from two places; vaccinations and amalgams. I am not a fish eater and the organic mercury was not a part of my poisoning.
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Important news about mercury poisoning it is now in your genes!

Everything I have been finding but …..MORE. Look right at the top the list of mercury damaged nutrient depletion, the very picture of what is going on. Today, I heard a webinar by an MD Cardiologist blaming mercury for cardiovascular disease and all cancers from the chest up mentioning specifically the link to breast cancer. Also from Dr. Hal Higgins, all MS as it didn’t start until the 1840’s after they started putting mercury into the amalgams. The metal poisoning is the root that many are still missing for both the humans and the animals that receive metal laden vaccines. Your genes are changed epigentically from being in toxic environment and there is nothing more toxic than mercury. You genes can be altered, mutated and forever damaged from mercury, even one vaccine can head the mercury gene damage right to the egg and sperm. How much “genetic” disease is actually mercury poisoning? With ZERO gene impact research on vaccines and very much the metals still being in vaccines how can anyone vouch for vaccine safety? No matter that we are missing vaccine efficacy studies! Then there is the metal poisoning we receive from the dentistry that also was NEVER EVER SAFE……seems that is how it rolls, license the poisons, poison the victims and then after 50 years and so many lives lost then look at the issue. Do what you have to to eliminate mercury and other metals poisoning your lives and then live a life of daily detoxification.

Metal poisoning sources

Did you know…..that the two primary sources of mercury exposure are inorganic mercury from dental amalgam and vaccines, and organic mercury from fish consumption?. None of our foods not even organics are checked for metal levels and certainly not  the pet foods. Aluminum is a very big problem in commercial pets foods especially the kibble as determined my our colleague Dr. Gloria Dodds who reported on this in her paper Silent Killer of Pets Metal Poisoning.

Amalgams are a big problem for us as well as the vaccines and the fish, however for the pets, who don’t have amalgams but do have serious over vaccination schedules deadly inorganic mercury comes from this source. [Read more…]