Wired Jack gets grey hair and early aging from vaccines

Here is a case of vaccinations causing a severe case of “vaccinosis” and the poor dog “aging ten years overnight”. The dog also had hair turn grey like I often see from vaccines and the cure administered by a certified veterinary homeopath the classic remedy for vaccinosis…..THUJA!

Multiply vaccinated and Aged Overnight-Senescence*****Jack russell on leash

         11/12/09 Hom consult: More details of above (including allergies x TWO years).

         Disability described as “crippled”, “hobbled,” yesterday fell over from stiffness and after shaking herself another time.

         Exhausted and sleeps all day. Seems cold ever since the vax. Won’t go out in snow/rain. Other details but sparing you them.

•Rx Thuj 200c once in water: tearing in muscles/joints; chilly; vaccination after; (R-sided); lacrimation L. [Read more…]

Don’t touch the snake

One of the parts of the Emergency First Aid and Disaster Preparedness Course that I am teaching at the FIREFLY GATHERING at Bell’s Cove outside of Asheville, NC this weekend was very much about this topic, venomous snake bites. I learned you can actually teach your dog snake avoidance. I also learned that 44% of the snake bites in this country are from run-ins with snakes where both parties are caught by surprise and that is why you should learn snake avoidance. What I also learned and taught my class is that over 55% of the venomous snake bites happen because of people purposely setting out to “handle” the snakes they come upon. Purposeful and willful interaction with poisonous snakes………does that surprise anyone?Firefly First Aid

must-pack-pet-first-aid-kitI also taught about the first aid with snake bites like using homeopathy to treat and basic first aid. Also from the apothecary under our feet, to use a good spit poultice of broad leafed plantain which has removed snake venom right out of bites and also successfully treated brown recluse spider bites.  Two venomous snakes in this part of the woods  in Appalachia to be aware of are  copperheads and rattlesnakes.

At the end of Friday’s class what should we see but a beautiful shiny snake appear right at our feet behind the wooden building and to the left of a wood pile where the talks on First Aid were being given. What do you think the people wanted to do but “go look closely at the snake”. If you can teach dogs snake avoidance, why do you think humans cannot be taught?

Today on Face Book, I posted a link to a report that famous venomous snake handler was killed by a viper he was handling. He was purposefully and willfully handing venomous viper teaching people not to be afraid of them……he reportedly died of a “rare allergic reaction to the vipers venom”. His partner reported that the highly venomous snake should not be blamed for the death, I couldn’t agree more.

Fire Fly Gathering is just around the corner!

The Medicines from the Earth Conference is hardly over, the organizers not even back to their Oregon home when the Asheville community is buzzing about the Firefly Gathering and its new location in Bell’s Cove. If you never heard about the Firefly Gathering go here and take a look http://www.fireflygathering.org/  The people of Appalachia have a long history of self sustainability living. As a matter of fact, I learned that was the mantra for George Vanderbilt’s Biltmore Estate. Biltmore was the first large farming estate to hire their own resident veterinarian. George Vanderbilt’s dream vision was to be “self sustained” and a visit to the amazing Biltmore Estate and Gardens will prove that vision came true.

Firefly is for everyone who wants to learn and share the vision for self sustainability. How the Firefly Gathering accomplishes this goal is written in the Firefly Manifesto which can be read here http://www.fireflygathering.org/manifesto.asp

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