Here is some great news, brought to us by Natural News on a rare plant found to be able to remediate heavy metals.

Rare plant eats toxic heavy metals in phytoremediation miracleplants medicine from the earth

The new species, dubbed Rinorea niccolifera, was identified in the western region of Luzon Island in the Philippines. The soils in this area are well-known for being high in heavy metals, an environmental condition that is hostile to most species of plant. Yet, the newly discovered plant is able not only to grow in such conditions but also to thrive. The plant actively pulls nickel out of the soil, accumulating it in its tissues up to a concentration of 18,000 parts per million — 100 to 1,000 times higher than the maximum concentrations tolerated by most plants.

Nickel hyperaccumulation such as that observed in R. niccolifera is so rare that only 450 plant species have been identified that are capable of it, out of an estimated 300,000 extant species of vascular plant worldwide. Even among plants found in nickel-rich soils, only 0.5 percent to 1 percent are capable of hyperaccumulation.

“[Hyperaccumulator] plants have great potentials for the development of green technologies, for example, ‘phytoremediation’ and ‘phytomining,'” researcher Augustine Doronila said.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/045297_heavy_metals_phytoremediation_hyperaccumulator_plant.html#ixzz32q0CvipR


My comment; For countries like China where 1/5th of the country is poisoned with heavy metals these plants would be the solution to the pollution. This is about nickel, we need to get more for cadium, for lead, for mercury etc but the green folk and the microbes and fungi will all need to help clean up the mess we have made.



I was contacted by a fellow herbalist in a panic over the patent drugs that had been dispensed by a veterinarian for a friend’s dog that had been released after being seen for a dog attack. They were very concerned when they read about the anti inflammatory medications, the pain medications and the antibiotics  “effects” to the bodies into which they are put. I had already encountered severe damage from all of these drugs even one at a time on different companion animals. Yes, the one they prescribed for anti-inflammatory has killed animals who received it. Yes, the antibiotics do have serious consequences not only in selecting for super germs but also for causing gastrointestinal problems, killing of the important good bacteria and oh yeah….now we see some lethal interactions with mercury if they are also already metal poisoned from lots of vaccines. The pain medications usually have the longest list of  so called “side effects” but I refuse to call the “side effects” as they are not “a la carte” and everyone who ends up with patent drugs gets some of the  long list of possible  effects.

So, the herbalist knew full well there were much safer alternatives from intelligent plant medicines that could provide all of the symptom relief that the patent drugs were being prescribed for. Intelligent medicines with benefit for the body without the risk, the cost and the possible death sentence. For instance, curcumin is much safer for anti inflammatory and pain and won’t harm the liver! Plants can even provide a much safer “anti biotic” coverage and without ruining the pets gastrointestinal tract, healthy microbiota or helping develop super germs. Plus this can all be had with a cost that is not even the cost of one of the over priced patent drugs.

Here are two pictures of medicine cabinets……Which one do you want to reach for?Narconon sponsors Operation Medicine Cabinetnatures-medicine-cabinet-410x290_0

Let us the count the ways to provide intelligent botanical medicine……

The Herbs for Pets Class took off with a swift review of over 100 ways to provide intelligent healing using botanicals. Each species of animals can have special requirements on how they receive the herbs, for instance we like to take the birds pellets and dust them in the herbal powders.  Horses and other herbivores can have more of the fresh or dried herbs while dogs and cats we make tinctures then glycerites . However, there are just so many ways available to use the intelligence of plants as medicine, in foods, in creams or lotions, or sprays, poultices, liniments, compresses, packs that even our class couldn’t complete a list without finding more options within minutes of thinking they thought of everything. The versatility of how to use intelligent healing gives us so many options we do not have with patent drugs. The possibilities of employing herbal medicine seem………well, endless.plants medicine from the earth plant medicine dripping into bottle

Now we are getting to work learning to make medicines, ourselves and even from local sourcing of the herbs. Sometimes we can’t get local so we go to Mountain Rose Herbs a company we can trust to provide organic wild harvested herbs. Here in the Blue Ridge area of NC however, so many of the world’s plants can be grown that we are local sourcing first. Never know when your options will be limited to the apothecary under your feet. We are all excited though to be learning how to address our companion animals health needs for nutrition and wellness through use of the botanicals. This helps us place the intention from the very start of gathering leaves, twigs, roots, bark and flowers for use in making medicine.

Fire Fly Gathering is just around the corner!

The Medicines from the Earth Conference is hardly over, the organizers not even back to their Oregon home when the Asheville community is buzzing about the Firefly Gathering and its new location in Bell’s Cove. If you never heard about the Firefly Gathering go here and take a look http://www.fireflygathering.org/  The people of Appalachia have a long history of self sustainability living. As a matter of fact, I learned that was the mantra for George Vanderbilt’s Biltmore Estate. Biltmore was the first large farming estate to hire their own resident veterinarian. George Vanderbilt’s dream vision was to be “self sustained” and a visit to the amazing Biltmore Estate and Gardens will prove that vision came true.

Firefly is for everyone who wants to learn and share the vision for self sustainability. How the Firefly Gathering accomplishes this goal is written in the Firefly Manifesto which can be read here http://www.fireflygathering.org/manifesto.asp

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How important are those beneficial bugs or bacteria our bodies are host to?

Another talk from this past weekend that is one of the most important topics to be aware of, is biofilms and chronic disease which was the topic of Naturopathic Doctor Jill Stanbury. Biofilms are like the local neighborhoods of the bacterial and other microbes that live in our bodies. We are just now learning about these “ecosystems” these neighborhoods and how they play a role in both health and disease.

One of the most important links I quickly realized was the biofilm on the teeth and the function of the diet to the dental health. Dental plaque is a part of this biofilm. The diets will be very influential in setting up the type of bacteria that grow in this environment and the type of biofilm that forms the oral cavity “neighborhood”.  The diet with carbohydrates is the largest influence on the formation of biofilms and the selection for the type of bacteria that will live in these neighborhoods.

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How commercially processed pet foods are ruining dental health of your pets

One of the most important talks I attended at the Medicines From the Earth Conference in Black Mountain, NC this past weekend was David Crow of Florocopeia  talk on Dental Health; Natural Approaches.

Amazing to me was not only the confirmation that “natural native diets” are everything to oral health and hygiene in agreement with the work of the famous dentist Dr. Weston Price who traveled the world documenting the superior dental health of native peoples consuming natural native diets, but also that the typical western diet which is full of sugar and carbohydrates is the very source of destruction of dental health and hygiene.

In our pets who are companion carnivores, feeding them commercially processed foods composed of genetically engineered cereal crops (high in carbohydrates) with meat meal or a little meat broth added in is a recipe for disaster. This type of commercially processed foods I refer to as “landfill” products that have been marketed to the public as an ideal food for your companions but in truth is the second largest contributor to ill health in animals along with toxic vaccines and use of synthetic drugs , chemicals and toxic substances applied for parasite control.

Please engage in a little research and visit Susan Thixton’s Truth about Pet Foods in order to learn the truth about what is actually going into those commercially processed pet foods. And also please don’t blame the messengers!

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Wow, time is flying by. This weekend already time for the MEDICINES FROM THE EARTH CONFERENCE held in Black Mountain, NC at the Blue Ridge Assembly up Blue Ridge Road. Here is a wonderful picture of the entry going in to the facility which is just full of that biodiverse native flora. There will be many plant walks with famous herbalists. I should max out my press book for ASHH Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism. Today, Master Herbalist Donnie Yance is delivering an intensive on use of herbs for treating cancer. He should know, this Master Herbalist has the Mayo Clinic sending him patients for botanicals and nutrition. When I was working on the chapter treating cancer for animals with TCVM, I found the evidence that typical western therapies for cancer garnered only 2.1 % effectiveness for long term survival. If you consider the cost of this and the damage to quality of life, plus you factor in what they certainly don’t tell you about other cancers from the very chemotherapy and radiation treatment your going broke paying for….I came to the conclusion that taking a more botanical form of chemotherapy made much more $$cents$$ all the way around.  Why would you want to dilute down natural herbal therapies and good nutrition, intelligent supplements and instead break the bank, lower your quality of life and then be looking over your shoulder constantly for the next shoe to drop. The other cancer that often times hit your blood or your kidneys.  [Read more…]