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vaccinating dog in shoulder with rabies

Mercury is underlying all the disease that we are suffering and heavy metals are injected into our pets with every vaccine. Humans have amalgams that are contributing and vaccines and the animals are getting toxicity from vaccine jabs and from the commercially processed foods.

Heavy metals in vaccines also light metals like aluminum are gene damaging

Heavy metals in vaccines also light metals like aluminum are gene damaging



Well, well, well, now we have the proof we needed to confirm what disease is all about and how hard those that profit from making disease are so vicious to protect their profits. Yes, we have all been BAMBOOZLED!

Not long ago, I found the link of drug reactions to be the very same critical nutrients depletion that drugs, patent medicines were creating in our bodies. Vaccines are even more a contributor as they introduce heavy metals like mercury and light metals that behave like heavy metals as in aluminum. Also vaccines inject and INFECT our bodies and our genomes with viruses, known and the unknown contamination viruses. Many of the viruses driving disease today were actually INJECTED monkey and other animal viruses  so much blending of man and beast that our genomes are polluted.We need to find a reset button, to search for a return to the Holy Grail, that genome before man’s MANIPULATION through vaccine administration.

Viruses are not dead, they are not “alive” so there is no modifying them alive nor “killing” them. Viruses are simply put, protein sequences that read like a blueprint. When injected into our bodies, they can when the conditions are right “infect and replicate” and that may be sometime down the road like 10 years or more in humans or in our companion animals in much less.

Mercury and other heavy metals are a serious promoter of disease to both the human and the animal bodies. Mercury handicaps for viral expression. What does that mean? It means that where you have mercury…… get more viruses “enabled” to express. Specifically the retroviruses are like that. HIV in humans, FIV and Felv in cats as an example. Also, mercury causes hypomethylation of the DNA and this is a specific handicap for HERPES expression. These toxins like mercury and aluminum are serious dis ease promoters. [Read more…]

Important news about mercury poisoning it is now in your genes!

Everything I have been finding but …..MORE. Look right at the top the list of mercury damaged nutrient depletion, the very picture of what is going on. Today, I heard a webinar by an MD Cardiologist blaming mercury for cardiovascular disease and all cancers from the chest up mentioning specifically the link to breast cancer. Also from Dr. Hal Higgins, all MS as it didn’t start until the 1840’s after they started putting mercury into the amalgams. The metal poisoning is the root that many are still missing for both the humans and the animals that receive metal laden vaccines. Your genes are changed epigentically from being in toxic environment and there is nothing more toxic than mercury. You genes can be altered, mutated and forever damaged from mercury, even one vaccine can head the mercury gene damage right to the egg and sperm. How much “genetic” disease is actually mercury poisoning? With ZERO gene impact research on vaccines and very much the metals still being in vaccines how can anyone vouch for vaccine safety? No matter that we are missing vaccine efficacy studies! Then there is the metal poisoning we receive from the dentistry that also was NEVER EVER SAFE……seems that is how it rolls, license the poisons, poison the victims and then after 50 years and so many lives lost then look at the issue. Do what you have to to eliminate mercury and other metals poisoning your lives and then live a life of daily detoxification.

He is keeping score of mercury damage at



This is the title for a Natural News 365 article based on work from Harvard School of Public Health.

The information was added to a very large file that I have on Vit D 3. Vit D 3 is an essential vitamin and must come every day in the diet not only to us humans but even to our carnivore companions. This is one reason I insisted that Vit D 3 be included in the recipe for Spark.

But here is a tie in I betcha you will never hear made by Harvard School of Public Health. Vaccines, especially the mercury containing vaccines delivered to humans and animals, contain the heavy metal that poisons the endocrine system. Specifically, poisoning the hypothalamus, the pituitary, the thyroid and the pineal gland is the type of endocrine poisoning I am talking about. This heavy metal poisoning by vaccines and by mercury amalgams ruins the HPA axis, induces a state of increased “stress” and cortisol production and cortisol depletes Vit D 3 levels.


Yes, I have found out why so many humans and animals are not only “stressed” or undergoing “stress” response but also why they are also Vit D 3 and for that matter magnesium deficient!

So, guess what also happens when vaccines dys regulate the body and make a healthy Th 1 cell mediated immune system, unhealthy, chronically inflamed and a Th 2 or humoral bias? DIS EASE that is so bad, the only answer from conventional medicine seems to be none other than the administration of steroids in order to temper down what the unsafe and unnecessary vaccines have dys regulated.

And guess what??? STEROIDS or IATROGENIC CORTISOL, does the same thing that endogenous cortisol from a mercury poisoned endocrine system can do which is deplete Vit D 3 and other critical nutrients.

So, read up on the benefits of Vit D 3 and how important it is for health, for avoiding chronic disease but don’t forget where the unwitted loss of this vital vitamin is coming from……..metals, mercury, vaccines and drugs like steroids.

Say yes to natural living, to natural diets, to natural vitamins in whole natural foods. The best vaccination is optimal nutrition. Avoid losing your health to un natural and unnecessary vaccinations, and the poisoning of your endocrine system!

A little piece of my mercury story

A little piece of my chronic metal poisoning story-

Most veterinarians do not even understand the damage in our aggressively vaccinated populations of animals to see the underlying metal poisoning going on in them. The worst and one I have found almost always present in our animal patients is that of metal poisoning from mercury.

Mercury is a potent endocrine disrupter. Mercury poisons the hypothalamus, the pituitary, the thyroid and the pineal gland and I have 32 pages of endocrine imbalance issues that stem from mercury poisoning.

In humans that also suffer chronic metal poisoning from vaccines, they also are burdened with other FDA approved heavy metal poisoning from amalgams or fillings. We are actually working now with third generation metal poisoned populations that are suffering both inorganic mercury poisoning from vaccinations and from a mouth full of lethal mercury amalgams. [Read more…]

Metal Poisoning

Very few veterinarians understand that both humans and pets are all under daily poisoning with metals. Heavy metals like mercury and light metals like aluminum are poisoning us every day in vaccines, from environmental pollution in the air and water, and from our foods. Heavy metals are also being sequestered in the long bones of the food animals in our country due to use of leaded fuels in our automobiles. Lead and cadmium are two but there are more. [Read more…]