Two biggest reasons for ill health in companion animals

My Sage Professor, Dr. Richard Pitcairn has been telling us for the past 30 years that the two largest contributors to companion animals ill health is the overuse of vaccines and the then drugs to treat the vaccine induced diseases and the feeding of commercially processed pet foods. Here Dr. Stephen Blake  o the MP 3 player review the most dangerous of all is the use of vaccines.dinnerplate mast cell after rabies

Pet owners should become informed about the damage the vaccinations do to the animals and become educated before you allow any jabs at all. Check out the video on Dr. Ron Schultz speaking out on who is worse pediatricians or veterinarians for the obscene vaccination schedules being mandated.Just Say NO! I have authored a book with the types of vaccine damage you will find in conventional veterinary practices. Learn to say No…..Feline sarcoma removal site

Just Say NO!

Coastal Community Market Talk with Dr. Jordan

Dr. Jordan will be speaking tomorrow evening at 6:30 pm weather permitting about her formulation and development of SPARK a daily gentle chelating supplement that is detoxifying especially against the heavy metals from vaccine poisoning and toxins in commercially processed foods for pets. This whole food supplement composed of over 43 ingredients intelligently formulated with research from the Natural Standards has attained NASC labeling.Spark-4sizesSm2

There is no other match for our pets with such a comprehensive product to help reverse the damage of over vaccination and feeding nutritionally dead commercially processed pet foods.  There are over 43 ingredients in Spark and has no competition on the market that is so health enhancing outside of the love you give your pet every day! Talk is at the Coastal Community Market in Beaufort, North Carolina

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Has anyone checked out the Natural News Forensics Food Testing Lab and the results they are getting on testing foods and supplements for heavy metals? Here is what Mike Adams has to say about the denial of those taking daily foods and supplements that are laden with heavy metals….they are in DENIAL of the dangers.

bones in the US where leaded gasoline fuels cars sequesters in the long bones of our food animals

bones in the US where leaded gasoline fuels cars sequesters in the long bones of our food animals

Specifically, some of the very same people who are terrified about mercury amalgam fillings, aluminum falling out of the sky via chemtrails, 2 ppm of fluoride in the water supply, micrograms of mercury in vaccines and parts per trillion of glyphosate or BPA have somehow come to the conclusion that the daily consumption of hundreds of micrograms of lead, cadmium, mercury and tungsten is perfectly okay as long as they “like” the products being consumed.

This irrational belief is emerging almost exclusively among those who have been consuming natural products containing significant concentrations of heavy metals. Somehow, the fact that these people “like” these products makes them believe the heavy metals they contain are rendered inert by an emotional state.

The more intelligent and informed consumers, of course, are now using our laboratory information to make better-informed choices in order to reduce their dietary exposure to heavy metals. While such exposure can’t be entirely eliminated, it can be drastically reduced by orders of magnitude. And this can have tremendous benefits for human health and mental function.

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Tattoo ink is another place to find mercury poisoning

Today I found an additional article on the contents of ink used to make tattoos. This is important information as I certainly did not know how much undesirable chemicals and toxins are in tattoo ink. It is also in many beauty products like  mascara however, thus far we are not poisoning the pets so much with mascara, just vaccines, tattoos and foods.

Many tattoo inks contain heavy metals that have been linked to a large number of health problems, including cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Among the most concerning metals found in tattoos are mercury, lead, antimony, beryllium, cadmium and arsenic
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Sweden doesn’t repeat unsafe and unnecessary vaccines to pets!

While I was in Sweden getting my mercury poisoning taken care of I went looking and interviewing pet owners in Sweden about their veterinary experiences. I was surprised to see the dogs, even large dogs travel with their owners on all forms of the mass transit system.

On the metro I sat next to Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Weimeraners, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers really many more large dogs than small. The dogs were all so well behaved, no signs of behavioral or mental issues,no compulsive obsessive disorders, no aggressive tendencies and no…..obvious signs of cancers, chronic disease like we see everywhere in the US. Sweden dogwalker times 8

The pet parents were quite SHOCKED when I asked them about getting annual vaccines for their dogs. They first were puzzled as they reported to me that they did not take their pets back to the vet for yearly vaccines, they had puppy shots and were done. The SHOCK came when they asked me why would the vets in the US send postcards every year to come get shots for the dogs? Since there is no other reason other than the one that Dr. Ron Schultz gave in 1978, which was “to entice the client to come to the vet with their pet every year”.  They were SHOCKED because that is not what a doctor is supposed to be doing, soliciting with postcards for unsafe and unnecessary vaccines in order to generate revenue.  [Read more…]

Let us the count the ways to provide intelligent botanical medicine……

The Herbs for Pets Class took off with a swift review of over 100 ways to provide intelligent healing using botanicals. Each species of animals can have special requirements on how they receive the herbs, for instance we like to take the birds pellets and dust them in the herbal powders.  Horses and other herbivores can have more of the fresh or dried herbs while dogs and cats we make tinctures then glycerites . However, there are just so many ways available to use the intelligence of plants as medicine, in foods, in creams or lotions, or sprays, poultices, liniments, compresses, packs that even our class couldn’t complete a list without finding more options within minutes of thinking they thought of everything. The versatility of how to use intelligent healing gives us so many options we do not have with patent drugs. The possibilities of employing herbal medicine seem………well, endless.plants medicine from the earth plant medicine dripping into bottle

Now we are getting to work learning to make medicines, ourselves and even from local sourcing of the herbs. Sometimes we can’t get local so we go to Mountain Rose Herbs a company we can trust to provide organic wild harvested herbs. Here in the Blue Ridge area of NC however, so many of the world’s plants can be grown that we are local sourcing first. Never know when your options will be limited to the apothecary under your feet. We are all excited though to be learning how to address our companion animals health needs for nutrition and wellness through use of the botanicals. This helps us place the intention from the very start of gathering leaves, twigs, roots, bark and flowers for use in making medicine.

Fire Fly Gathering is just around the corner!

The Medicines from the Earth Conference is hardly over, the organizers not even back to their Oregon home when the Asheville community is buzzing about the Firefly Gathering and its new location in Bell’s Cove. If you never heard about the Firefly Gathering go here and take a look  The people of Appalachia have a long history of self sustainability living. As a matter of fact, I learned that was the mantra for George Vanderbilt’s Biltmore Estate. Biltmore was the first large farming estate to hire their own resident veterinarian. George Vanderbilt’s dream vision was to be “self sustained” and a visit to the amazing Biltmore Estate and Gardens will prove that vision came true.

Firefly is for everyone who wants to learn and share the vision for self sustainability. How the Firefly Gathering accomplishes this goal is written in the Firefly Manifesto which can be read here

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How important are those beneficial bugs or bacteria our bodies are host to?

Another talk from this past weekend that is one of the most important topics to be aware of, is biofilms and chronic disease which was the topic of Naturopathic Doctor Jill Stanbury. Biofilms are like the local neighborhoods of the bacterial and other microbes that live in our bodies. We are just now learning about these “ecosystems” these neighborhoods and how they play a role in both health and disease.

One of the most important links I quickly realized was the biofilm on the teeth and the function of the diet to the dental health. Dental plaque is a part of this biofilm. The diets will be very influential in setting up the type of bacteria that grow in this environment and the type of biofilm that forms the oral cavity “neighborhood”.  The diet with carbohydrates is the largest influence on the formation of biofilms and the selection for the type of bacteria that will live in these neighborhoods.

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How commercially processed pet foods are ruining dental health of your pets

One of the most important talks I attended at the Medicines From the Earth Conference in Black Mountain, NC this past weekend was David Crow of Florocopeia  talk on Dental Health; Natural Approaches.

Amazing to me was not only the confirmation that “natural native diets” are everything to oral health and hygiene in agreement with the work of the famous dentist Dr. Weston Price who traveled the world documenting the superior dental health of native peoples consuming natural native diets, but also that the typical western diet which is full of sugar and carbohydrates is the very source of destruction of dental health and hygiene.

In our pets who are companion carnivores, feeding them commercially processed foods composed of genetically engineered cereal crops (high in carbohydrates) with meat meal or a little meat broth added in is a recipe for disaster. This type of commercially processed foods I refer to as “landfill” products that have been marketed to the public as an ideal food for your companions but in truth is the second largest contributor to ill health in animals along with toxic vaccines and use of synthetic drugs , chemicals and toxic substances applied for parasite control.

Please engage in a little research and visit Susan Thixton’s Truth about Pet Foods in order to learn the truth about what is actually going into those commercially processed pet foods. And also please don’t blame the messengers!

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Wow, time is flying by. This weekend already time for the MEDICINES FROM THE EARTH CONFERENCE held in Black Mountain, NC at the Blue Ridge Assembly up Blue Ridge Road. Here is a wonderful picture of the entry going in to the facility which is just full of that biodiverse native flora. There will be many plant walks with famous herbalists. I should max out my press book for ASHH Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism. Today, Master Herbalist Donnie Yance is delivering an intensive on use of herbs for treating cancer. He should know, this Master Herbalist has the Mayo Clinic sending him patients for botanicals and nutrition. When I was working on the chapter treating cancer for animals with TCVM, I found the evidence that typical western therapies for cancer garnered only 2.1 % effectiveness for long term survival. If you consider the cost of this and the damage to quality of life, plus you factor in what they certainly don’t tell you about other cancers from the very chemotherapy and radiation treatment your going broke paying for….I came to the conclusion that taking a more botanical form of chemotherapy made much more $$cents$$ all the way around.  Why would you want to dilute down natural herbal therapies and good nutrition, intelligent supplements and instead break the bank, lower your quality of life and then be looking over your shoulder constantly for the next shoe to drop. The other cancer that often times hit your blood or your kidneys.  [Read more…]