Tattoo ink is another place to find mercury poisoning

Today I found an additional article on the contents of ink used to make tattoos. This is important information as I certainly did not know how much undesirable chemicals and toxins are in tattoo ink. It is also in many beauty products like  mascara however, thus far we are not poisoning the pets so much with mascara, just vaccines, tattoos and foods.

Many tattoo inks contain heavy metals that have been linked to a large number of health problems, including cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Among the most concerning metals found in tattoos are mercury, lead, antimony, beryllium, cadmium and arsenic
tattoo in ear of dog [Read more…]

He is keeping score of mercury damage at



Look what the drugs are doing now…….

original paper published in NATURE is showing us what anti depressive drugs are doing not only to us but to our environment, to the planet. All members of PLANET EARTH please step up to save our world! Our river water is being polluted with the patent drugs especially the anti depressive drugs so many humans have been prescribed.perch

Of no surprise the fish are being affected and look how…..increased weight gain, increased aggression and they are now being bold and taking risks by their changes in  behavior. This is going to change our ecosystem, our world and I don’t think this is co incidence that these behavioral changes also occur in some of the victims of these patent drugs that stand on two legs on the ground. All members of PLANET EARTH please step forward and take a stand against this destructive the solution to water pollution


I was contacted by a fellow herbalist in a panic over the patent drugs that had been dispensed by a veterinarian for a friend’s dog that had been released after being seen for a dog attack. They were very concerned when they read about the anti inflammatory medications, the pain medications and the antibiotics  “effects” to the bodies into which they are put. I had already encountered severe damage from all of these drugs even one at a time on different companion animals. Yes, the one they prescribed for anti-inflammatory has killed animals who received it. Yes, the antibiotics do have serious consequences not only in selecting for super germs but also for causing gastrointestinal problems, killing of the important good bacteria and oh yeah….now we see some lethal interactions with mercury if they are also already metal poisoned from lots of vaccines. The pain medications usually have the longest list of  so called “side effects” but I refuse to call the “side effects” as they are not “a la carte” and everyone who ends up with patent drugs gets some of the  long list of possible  effects.

So, the herbalist knew full well there were much safer alternatives from intelligent plant medicines that could provide all of the symptom relief that the patent drugs were being prescribed for. Intelligent medicines with benefit for the body without the risk, the cost and the possible death sentence. For instance, curcumin is much safer for anti inflammatory and pain and won’t harm the liver! Plants can even provide a much safer “anti biotic” coverage and without ruining the pets gastrointestinal tract, healthy microbiota or helping develop super germs. Plus this can all be had with a cost that is not even the cost of one of the over priced patent drugs.

Here are two pictures of medicine cabinets……Which one do you want to reach for?Narconon sponsors Operation Medicine Cabinetnatures-medicine-cabinet-410x290_0


I had not even just finished my post on the dangers of drugs when I am delivered into my email alert box 10 pages of even more drug related critical nutrient depletion information. Also an abstract from a paper identifying these critical nutrient depletion damages as the very cause of the drugs “side” effects, which I don’t consider them “side” effects, they are effects of taking the drugs in the first place. There are no “a la carte” selections of damage you get from taking drugs. The dangerous and deadly effects are what you are given warning before you even put the drug into your mouth.

Barn Dog PuppyI was very surprised to see the large list of critical nutrients depleted with OTC or “over the counter” drugs as well and the damage that children in particular are receiving from drugs. This information is critical to understanding why optimal nutrition is so important, not only as the “optimal vaccine” for your body’s health, immunity and protection from disease, but also to the optimization of your genetic potential in gene expression. The cascade effect of deranging your bodies gene expression by taking vaccines and drugs that render your immune system “dys functional” is more complicated and complex that you could ever imagine. [Read more…]

A little piece of my mercury story

A little piece of my chronic metal poisoning story-

Most veterinarians do not even understand the damage in our aggressively vaccinated populations of animals to see the underlying metal poisoning going on in them. The worst and one I have found almost always present in our animal patients is that of metal poisoning from mercury.

Mercury is a potent endocrine disrupter. Mercury poisons the hypothalamus, the pituitary, the thyroid and the pineal gland and I have 32 pages of endocrine imbalance issues that stem from mercury poisoning.

In humans that also suffer chronic metal poisoning from vaccines, they also are burdened with other FDA approved heavy metal poisoning from amalgams or fillings. We are actually working now with third generation metal poisoned populations that are suffering both inorganic mercury poisoning from vaccinations and from a mouth full of lethal mercury amalgams. [Read more…]

Drugs: Top Reason for Poisoning

Did you know that prescription drugs are the fourth leading cause of death in the US? According to the FDA, there are more than a hundred thousand deaths that have resulted from properly prescribed and administered drugs. Furthermore, over 700,000 people go to the hospital due to adverse reactions to drugs.

Did you know this: That human drugs, veterinary drugs and over the counter drugs are the three leading causes of toxic poisoning in pets? [Read more…]