Coastal Community Market Talk with Dr. Jordan

Dr. Jordan will be speaking tomorrow evening at 6:30 pm weather permitting about her formulation and development of SPARK a daily gentle chelating supplement that is detoxifying especially against the heavy metals from vaccine poisoning and toxins in commercially processed foods for pets. This whole food supplement composed of over 43 ingredients intelligently formulated with research from the Natural Standards has attained NASC labeling.Spark-4sizesSm2

There is no other match for our pets with such a comprehensive product to help reverse the damage of over vaccination and feeding nutritionally dead commercially processed pet foods.  There are over 43 ingredients in Spark and has no competition on the market that is so health enhancing outside of the love you give your pet every day! Talk is at the Coastal Community Market in Beaufort, North Carolina

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How important are those beneficial bugs or bacteria our bodies are host to?

Another talk from this past weekend that is one of the most important topics to be aware of, is biofilms and chronic disease which was the topic of Naturopathic Doctor Jill Stanbury. Biofilms are like the local neighborhoods of the bacterial and other microbes that live in our bodies. We are just now learning about these “ecosystems” these neighborhoods and how they play a role in both health and disease.

One of the most important links I quickly realized was the biofilm on the teeth and the function of the diet to the dental health. Dental plaque is a part of this biofilm. The diets will be very influential in setting up the type of bacteria that grow in this environment and the type of biofilm that forms the oral cavity “neighborhood”.  The diet with carbohydrates is the largest influence on the formation of biofilms and the selection for the type of bacteria that will live in these neighborhoods.

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