FDA being sued over failure to remove mercury

Mercury in vaccinations and mercury in amalgams are two FDA approved professionally implemented methods of poisoning US citizens with heavy metals. Read below and see the  our military families are one of the largest populations being poisoned! Populations that can least afford the drop in IQ that comes along from being poisoned with heavy metals appears to be the victims of the US government. Norway is now allowing workers compensation for the poisoning of the dental nurses……will the US compensate theses populations listed below?  Here is a SHOCKER…..the mercury and aluminum in the vaccines are the very source of the damage to genes in the first place! [Read more…]

Wired Jack gets grey hair and early aging from vaccines

Here is a case of vaccinations causing a severe case of “vaccinosis” and the poor dog “aging ten years overnight”. The dog also had hair turn grey like I often see from vaccines and the cure administered by a certified veterinary homeopath the classic remedy for vaccinosis…..THUJA!

Multiply vaccinated and Aged Overnight-Senescence*****Jack russell on leash

         11/12/09 Hom consult: More details of above (including allergies x TWO years).

         Disability described as “crippled”, “hobbled,” yesterday fell over from stiffness and after shaking herself another time.

         Exhausted and sleeps all day. Seems cold ever since the vax. Won’t go out in snow/rain. Other details but sparing you them.

•Rx Thuj 200c once in water: tearing in muscles/joints; chilly; vaccination after; (R-sided); lacrimation L. [Read more…]

Sweden doesn’t repeat unsafe and unnecessary vaccines to pets!

While I was in Sweden getting my mercury poisoning taken care of I went looking and interviewing pet owners in Sweden about their veterinary experiences. I was surprised to see the dogs, even large dogs travel with their owners on all forms of the mass transit system.

On the metro I sat next to Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Weimeraners, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers really many more large dogs than small. The dogs were all so well behaved, no signs of behavioral or mental issues,no compulsive obsessive disorders, no aggressive tendencies and no…..obvious signs of cancers, chronic disease like we see everywhere in the US. Sweden dogwalker times 8

The pet parents were quite SHOCKED when I asked them about getting annual vaccines for their dogs. They first were puzzled as they reported to me that they did not take their pets back to the vet for yearly vaccines, they had puppy shots and were done. The SHOCK came when they asked me why would the vets in the US send postcards every year to come get shots for the dogs? Since there is no other reason other than the one that Dr. Ron Schultz gave in 1978, which was “to entice the client to come to the vet with their pet every year”.  They were SHOCKED because that is not what a doctor is supposed to be doing, soliciting with postcards for unsafe and unnecessary vaccines in order to generate revenue.  [Read more…]


This is the title for a Natural News 365 article based on work from Harvard School of Public Health.

The information was added to a very large file that I have on Vit D 3. Vit D 3 is an essential vitamin and must come every day in the diet not only to us humans but even to our carnivore companions. This is one reason I insisted that Vit D 3 be included in the recipe for Spark.

But here is a tie in I betcha you will never hear made by Harvard School of Public Health. Vaccines, especially the mercury containing vaccines delivered to humans and animals, contain the heavy metal that poisons the endocrine system. Specifically, poisoning the hypothalamus, the pituitary, the thyroid and the pineal gland is the type of endocrine poisoning I am talking about. This heavy metal poisoning by vaccines and by mercury amalgams ruins the HPA axis, induces a state of increased “stress” and cortisol production and cortisol depletes Vit D 3 levels.


Yes, I have found out why so many humans and animals are not only “stressed” or undergoing “stress” response but also why they are also Vit D 3 and for that matter magnesium deficient!

So, guess what also happens when vaccines dys regulate the body and make a healthy Th 1 cell mediated immune system, unhealthy, chronically inflamed and a Th 2 or humoral bias? DIS EASE that is so bad, the only answer from conventional medicine seems to be none other than the administration of steroids in order to temper down what the unsafe and unnecessary vaccines have dys regulated.

And guess what??? STEROIDS or IATROGENIC CORTISOL, does the same thing that endogenous cortisol from a mercury poisoned endocrine system can do which is deplete Vit D 3 and other critical nutrients.

So, read up on the benefits of Vit D 3 and how important it is for health, for avoiding chronic disease but don’t forget where the unwitted loss of this vital vitamin is coming from……..metals, mercury, vaccines and drugs like steroids.

Say yes to natural living, to natural diets, to natural vitamins in whole natural foods. The best vaccination is optimal nutrition. Avoid losing your health to un natural and unnecessary vaccinations, and the poisoning of your endocrine system!


Here is something no one should be celebrating, the damage done to our pets from unsafe and unnecessary vaccinations. Just one topic this week that  I am addressing is the increase in behavioral issues with vaccinations, specifically increased agitation, aggression and anxiety. Studies at California Davis   have found in humans and in animals following vaccinations containing mercury; increased agitation, anxiety, fear and aggression.Behavioral problems that follow vaccination administration. These adverse events are tied to the brain damage from vaccines.

There are quite an alarming number of increased aggression cases in cats, dogs and even horses following use of vaccines, especially the rabies vaccinations that are the ONLY mandated vaccination.Most of the vaccines contain mercury but not all of them. Encephalitis, brain damage is very very common to all who submit to vaccination. Encephalitis is number one on the Federal Registry list of Vaccine Damages.

There are many cases, alarmingly aggressive cases of dangerous animals that became that way AFTER vaccination. My conclusion as to why the rabies vaccinations induces so much aggression is because it is the most administered vaccination being the only mandated vaccination.All vaccinations can do this, but the rabies is the worst. Horrific cases of increased aggression that ends up with housemates killed or maimed by a rabies vaccinated dog is not rare enough. There is even a case of a horse that attacked another horse within 3 days of receiving a rabies vaccine, the next year, after vaccines again, he attacked and killed the mare, was found mutilating the mare by consuming her flesh. [Read more…]


In todays Health Secrets Newsletter there is an article by Ethan Huff titled; Global Efforts to ban Mercury in Medicines Coming to a Head that relays the following information:

At the fifth session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee to prepare a global legally binding instrument on mercury in medicines (INC5), which took place earlier this year, delegates from around the world decided whether or not to pass a resolution restricting the use of Thimerosal in all vaccines. The text of their discussion and decision will be made available at a diplomatic convention later this year in Japan.

As it turns out, many of the Thimerosal-containing vaccines that have been banned from developed countries like the U.S. and Canada have been shuffled off onto developing nations in Africa, for instance, where there has been a huge upsurge in cases of autism and neurological damage.

“Thimerosal, used as a preservative, is favored by the pharmaceutical industry because it is cheap and enables the industry to keep making vaccines in old and dirty factories,” explained Dr. Mark Geier, M.D., Ph.D., to the African Delegation of the UN Treaty recently. “Sadly, Thimerosal also causes developmental problems, mental retardation and autism in mercury-sensitive children. Boys are more susceptible to mercury poisoning than girls, because testosterone amplifies the toxicity of this poison.” [Read more…]

Beware patent drugs and commercially processed foods!

I read every single day about animals dying from the use of allopathic medicine. Some from the virus in vaccines that are injected into the animals, some from poor nutrition following commercially processed foods said to be “scientifically” tested. Cancer, autoimmune disease, cataracts are the three most common signs of immune failure. Early aging is certainly very common in highly vaccinated and commercially fed populations of pets. These diseases also show up in other species that are vaccinated like our farmed fish and even in birds, racing pigeons to be more precise.

How many people knew that infectious disease was about flat lining BEFORE vaccinations were even first brought out to be “marketed” ? How many know that vaccines are actually vectors for disease? The injecting of xenotropic viruses from other species into your and your pets bodies is what happens with every jab. [Read more…]

Metal poisoning sources

Did you know…..that the two primary sources of mercury exposure are inorganic mercury from dental amalgam and vaccines, and organic mercury from fish consumption?. None of our foods not even organics are checked for metal levels and certainly not  the pet foods. Aluminum is a very big problem in commercial pets foods especially the kibble as determined my our colleague Dr. Gloria Dodds who reported on this in her paper Silent Killer of Pets Metal Poisoning.

Amalgams are a big problem for us as well as the vaccines and the fish, however for the pets, who don’t have amalgams but do have serious over vaccination schedules deadly inorganic mercury comes from this source. [Read more…]