This is an absolutely MUST WATCH event. Dr. Andrew Wakefield award winning documentary on vaccinations, this one on the insider whistleblower event. Wrongly discredited by Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch and Brian Deer the 20 billion dollar profiteers of vaccine industry have infiltrated the common sense and the justice system………………….but it really is this corrupt and this hopeless unless we wake up the people and shut this out of control industry down.


NEVER vaccinate in the face of stress anesthesia and Surgery

Vaccines cause anaphylaxis….one of the top adverse events.
Vaccines cause respiratory arrest as in SIDS…..a common adverse event.

Vaccination under some anesthetic protocols allows the viruses the victim is being vaccinated for to EXPRESS. So any medical professional should know NOT to vaccinate in the face of stressful anesthesia /surgery events.

. Also this is a chance to spread the information over how you shouldn’t perform these dangerous medical acts, (vaccinations) on victims also under anesthesia/surgery .This death is on the veterinary profession for failure to understand what the hell they are doing, especially with vaccinations!

EVERYBODY knows anytime you jab you can kill the patient. Putting any of these victims at risk my jabbing under stress, anesthesia/surgery or well even if in health the vaccinations are RISK. Why in the world did they pile up vaccines on top of anesthesia and surgery?  Any shelters or rescue associations and absolutely no veterinarians should ever allow vaccine jabs at the same time as anesthesia and surgery or under stress. it will substantially increase the likelihood of DEATH.  SHAME

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Sweden doesn’t repeat unsafe and unnecessary vaccines to pets!

While I was in Sweden getting my mercury poisoning taken care of I went looking and interviewing pet owners in Sweden about their veterinary experiences. I was surprised to see the dogs, even large dogs travel with their owners on all forms of the mass transit system.

On the metro I sat next to Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Weimeraners, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers really many more large dogs than small. The dogs were all so well behaved, no signs of behavioral or mental issues,no compulsive obsessive disorders, no aggressive tendencies and no…..obvious signs of cancers, chronic disease like we see everywhere in the US. Sweden dogwalker times 8

The pet parents were quite SHOCKED when I asked them about getting annual vaccines for their dogs. They first were puzzled as they reported to me that they did not take their pets back to the vet for yearly vaccines, they had puppy shots and were done. The SHOCK came when they asked me why would the vets in the US send postcards every year to come get shots for the dogs? Since there is no other reason other than the one that Dr. Ron Schultz gave in 1978, which was “to entice the client to come to the vet with their pet every year”.  They were SHOCKED because that is not what a doctor is supposed to be doing, soliciting with postcards for unsafe and unnecessary vaccines in order to generate revenue.  [Read more…]


This is the title for a Natural News 365 article based on work from Harvard School of Public Health.

The information was added to a very large file that I have on Vit D 3. Vit D 3 is an essential vitamin and must come every day in the diet not only to us humans but even to our carnivore companions. This is one reason I insisted that Vit D 3 be included in the recipe for Spark.

But here is a tie in I betcha you will never hear made by Harvard School of Public Health. Vaccines, especially the mercury containing vaccines delivered to humans and animals, contain the heavy metal that poisons the endocrine system. Specifically, poisoning the hypothalamus, the pituitary, the thyroid and the pineal gland is the type of endocrine poisoning I am talking about. This heavy metal poisoning by vaccines and by mercury amalgams ruins the HPA axis, induces a state of increased “stress” and cortisol production and cortisol depletes Vit D 3 levels.


Yes, I have found out why so many humans and animals are not only “stressed” or undergoing “stress” response but also why they are also Vit D 3 and for that matter magnesium deficient!

So, guess what also happens when vaccines dys regulate the body and make a healthy Th 1 cell mediated immune system, unhealthy, chronically inflamed and a Th 2 or humoral bias? DIS EASE that is so bad, the only answer from conventional medicine seems to be none other than the administration of steroids in order to temper down what the unsafe and unnecessary vaccines have dys regulated.

And guess what??? STEROIDS or IATROGENIC CORTISOL, does the same thing that endogenous cortisol from a mercury poisoned endocrine system can do which is deplete Vit D 3 and other critical nutrients.

So, read up on the benefits of Vit D 3 and how important it is for health, for avoiding chronic disease but don’t forget where the unwitted loss of this vital vitamin is coming from……..metals, mercury, vaccines and drugs like steroids.

Say yes to natural living, to natural diets, to natural vitamins in whole natural foods. The best vaccination is optimal nutrition. Avoid losing your health to un natural and unnecessary vaccinations, and the poisoning of your endocrine system!